Creating Heaven On Earth – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 600

Beaver Building Dam

So the last few days I have been allot more in my mind, in thoughts, feelings and emotions. As a result things in my reality have appeared allot more troubling or hopeless or simply overall resembling or reflecting  more my inner experiences of and as the mind which I have found during these last few days I have been accessing the more ‘negative’ dimensions of myself.

I read a cool perspective today on the point of “bringing heaven to earth” What I saw within this is that heaven is essentially one and equal with and as the mind in terms of the ethereal nature of these points because if you look at ‘heaven’ or even ‘hell’ for that matter as conceived in religion  – its not actually real and here. It exist as an idea, as an imagination essentially, which is the same as the mind where yes one might see pictures in the mind but these pictures are not actually here – they exist more in an ethereal framework that is not actually HERE and Physical in and as this Reality.

So what does it mean to actually ‘Live Heaven on Earth’ – Well, simplistically it means to get out of your head and start living and expressing here in and as the physical. Because what I have found for myself is that I conditioned myself to exist in and as my mind without this having a real solid direct relationship to EARTH. And this creates a problem because we get so caught up in our heads and believing what is going on in our minds that we don’t actually realize that that is not real. To some extent we understand that, but we still have not fully comprehended the necessity to actually Live HERE in the Physical and to align and focus our living and attention to being practically physically HERE.

So as I mentioned in the beginning of this blog, for the last few days I was more existing in my ethereal mental reality which I realize I have conditioned myself to become accustomed to which I am at the moment currently walking a process of realigning myself to Physical Living. And so within existing more in my mind these past few days, I became pre-occupied with my ‘experience’ where even my experience of myself became allot more intense and I started to stress and worry allot more about my life and I lost touch with the Earth as my grounding point. Meaning – In my case, I was worrying allot about work among other areas of my life, and in this worry I stopped applying myself effectively in the Physical on the Earth – Doing those actions that is necessary to be done to support myself within what I am capable of doing to practically live that which I see is the physical actions I require to do to best support myself.

So when that point was mentioned about ‘bringing heaven to earth’ I realized that that is exactly what I required to do. To get out of my mental heaven(positive) and Hell(negative) and get back into the Physical (HERE). And getting back to those daily practical actions that is actually creating my life.




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