Why Do I Always Wait so Long Before I Take Action – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 599


I am going to continue here opening up a point I have been exploring this past week and have been looking at in recent blogs.

This ‘Point’ can be seen within the question – “Why do we wait until the last possible minute to do things”

This I see more specifically relates to responsibilities and/or obligations where I have noticed that I will tend to be more likely to postpone such points instead of doing them straight away.

So I am here looking at this point of “Why do I wait until the last possible minute to do things?”

I have noticed that this pattern of ‘waiting till the last possible minute’ has become more of theme in my life in terms of where I am noticing this more, and so here am assisting and supporting myself to give this point Direction so that I can align my Living in a way where I am more ‘pro-active’ in my daily living rather than often waiting for things to get to the stage of where it’s like ‘the last possible moment’ or where ‘it’s almost too late’ or where for instance now because I have waited for so long before directing a particular point that now there is stress within me when I finally ‘decide’ to direct the points because I have placed myself in a position where I have very little margin for error, or not allot of ‘breathing room’ because I waited until the last possible moment to direct the point instead of directing the points when I noticed them coming up in a manner where I give myself ample time to complete/direct the points so I can take my time with it and simply do a thorough effective job.

Within waiting until the last possible moment to direct myself within my responsibilities and obligations I see that I am existing in a point where I am being directed by my reality instead of being Self-Directive.
In essence waiting until the physical conditions of my reality are demanding that I now move myself in a way pushing/forcing or even motivating me into action instead of Me being and becoming this point of Self Movement for myself where I develop the point/pattern of becoming pro-active in directing myself in my responsibilities and obligations which I see is where I develop the ability to actually do things when they come up instead of allowing myself to perpetuate the pattern of going through the progressive stages of procrastination where I will wait, and wait some more, and wait just a little more where I will allow this process of procrastination to become my normal way of directing myself in my reality.

So I must look at why I do this, and thus to re-align myself to move from intention to immediacy – where I stop ‘intending to do something eventually’ and simply ‘immediately direct’ a point when it comes up.

I will continue in my next blog with walking the Self Forgiveness In relation to this point.

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