Motivation and Why We’d Rather Suffer Than Change – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 598


Are you motivated by Suffering?

A few days ago I wrote a blog titled “Are You Motivated By Money”. In It exploring the realization that I was in fact motivated by money from the perspective of where my day to day actions were being influenced by how much money I had at any given time where I would have a tendency to stop doing the necessary actions that generate money when I would have money, where then these actions would more be stimulated when I was low on money and so thus then money being my motivation.

Now today a similar point came up. For a while now I have been having a few problems with one of my teeth. But only when the pain would flair up and become more persistent would I start to think about getting the necessary paper work done so that I can direct the point and get the tooth looked at by a professional. But as soon as the pain would subside I would forget about filing the paper work and taking the necessary steps to get the point checked out.

Within this I have noticed an interesting implication.

Firstly – Human beings can really tolerate a great deal of suffering. Using my own life as an example I can see that I will tolerate allot of suffering to where only when things get really bad that I will…..wait, no, its more like when things get really really really really really bad will I take action to correct the point to end the point of suffering for instance.

This point is related to the nature that we have accepted and allowed ourselves to exist as as humanity where we would rather tolerate suffering than actually take the time to support ourselves. And I mean, this is the really strange thing. That much of the time, that which we ‘don’t want to do’ is actually Best for us and Supportive for ourselves. Its such a strange thing how what we as humanity resist doing the most is what would actually be best for us.

So getting back to me – I mean I am great example of this. I am a perfect reflection of manifested human nature where I have observed in my life that I will go to great lengths to avoid doing things that would actually support me and be beneficial for myself in my life, where Id avoid doing such things to the degree where I would actually rather suffer than support myself. In the case of my rogue tooth, to actually get this point checked out, Id have to in a way, do something that is ‘out of character’, and so ultimately this point boils down to change and boils down to facing certain fears that I have created within me and that instead of doing this, I will simply tolerate suffering so to avoid having to step out of my comfort zone, even though to actually get this point sorted out would be very much supportive for my physical and even my mental well being. Yet I will only move on this point when the pain and suffering caused by it gets to a point where it becomes unbearable. Fascinating really. So this is indicating that I am in fact Motivated by Suffering.

Now the interesting implication is the following.

The tooth is but one example. I have witnessed points similar to this in my life in varying circumstances and degrees. And one thing that I have learned about myself is that I have a very high tolerance for suffering. And ultimately what I see, and this is the crux of this entire point that I am illustrating – is that, I will literally wait forever. I have pondered on this point before also where I have wondered ‘how much suffering can I take”, or ‘how bad must it get before I change’ and man I have found I can take allot.

Its kind of like the US debt ceiling for those familiar with US economics where every year, the US simply raise the debt ceiling increasing their capacity for debt instead of actually changing the fundamental problems of the money system which is causing then enormous debt in the first place and so I can related to this because I wonder if when things start to get bad for instance if I will just buckle down and increase my tolerance for suffering so that I don’t have to change. So that I don’t have to step out of my comfort zone and ironically, do something that is actually Supportive for myself.

So – The Solution.

I realize that I am motivated by Suffering, that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within this equation. Here, I will wait and wait and wait until the suffering really gets bad before I will be motivated to change things instead of actually Living within a starting point principle of “Prevention is the Best Cure”

Its not that there is no Solution – Because what I find is that when the suffering finally gets to be too much , and I mean, there is a point where I have had enough, when things get this way, I will decide “Ok time to move” and I will simply direct the point with the Solutions that was HERE the entire time.

And so I see here that the Actual SOLUTION is to assist and support myself to Stop existing within a point of being Motivated By Suffering and rather start existing in a way where instead of waiting until things get really bad, that rather I simply direct myself before this within the principle of ‘prevention is the best cure’

And so I take it upon myself to MOVE MYSELF based in Common Sense Insight, Aligning myself to actually do what is in fact best and supportive for me. So this requires me to actually Move/Direct Myself as a point of Self Will. For me to motivate myself instead of waiting for things to get really bad before I will decide to do something about my situation which is what happens when I am motivated by Suffering instead of being Self Motivated.

Who knows what kind of life is possible in doing this.

I can related this entire scenario to various points in my life, relationship, job, leisure, house, car, – its like why not be ‘Pro-Active’ instead of waiting for things to fall apart to stimulate movement. – Prevention is the Best Cure and simply just using common sense and directing myself and my life according to what would be best.

Thus the process is to move from being motivated by suffering to being Self Motivated and really doing what is best for Self and Best for Life. – ‘Self Interest’ is NOT best for Self. That is not the kind of ‘best for self’ I am talking about. Self Interest, if one look is often really in fact Self Abuse.

So “Human Nature Can Never Change” – Nope.

This is rather Humans don’t want to change.

Ok so concluding with the “interesting implication”

If we look at our world at the moment and the amount of Suffering that is existing globally. We look at for instance the credit crisis, war, poverty, animal extinction, all the horrible shit we see flooding our facebook streams daily – ALL of this is preventable. But it will require us as humanity to stop existing within the point of being Motivated by Suffering and actually become Self Motivated, Self Willed – Because what I have found in my own life as illustrated above is that I can take allot of suffering and really I see it is not an effective methodology of life to wait for suffering to motivate me to do things, to change in my life. And fascinatingly Humanity is reflecting this propensity for suffering that I have found within myself because dam, there is ALLOT of Suffering on this planet. Created because we as humanity have been unwilling to Move ourselves as Self Motivation.

So I realize that I must start actually living as Self Motivation. I must establish this points of Self Motivation as who I am.

And so if one by one individuals do this then eventually we have an entire humanity able to do this and the landscape of this world will be much different that how it is now.

And so again with Humanity – It is likely exactly the same as I have realized within my own life – Its not that there is no solutions – its is that we do not want to step out of comfort zones. – We simply do not want to change and would rather tolerate suffering than change. So we must stop tolerating Suffering and change our Starting Points for Living to “Prevention is the Best Cure’ and actually Develop the Ability which apparently we have not yet done – to actually change things before they get bad – to not wait for Consequences before we change but rather to considering the consequences of what we do and align our actions and living accordingly in a way that actually results in what is Supportive and Beneficial

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