Strength: Degree of Potency of Effect – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 597


Recently, in my writings, I have begun to take a closer look at the word ‘strength’. One of the definitions that was in the dictionary stood out as an interesting characteristic of ‘strength’ that I am going to have a closer look at here.

The definition was : Degree of potency of effect or concentration.

The point that I see here is related to my degree of potency in terms of how I am spending my time or existing within any given moment.

I could easily relate this to work for instance where some days I will be at work for the normal length of time but my application is less effective, is less potent in its effect. And so the point that I saw here in this characteristic of ‘strength’ in terms of how I can assist and support myself to ‘become strength’ to actually make this word tangible for myself in a way where I can practically live actions and applications that stand within and as the word ‘strength’ is to test out this point of actually pushing myself to be more effective within my execution and application in any given moment.

I have noticed that sometimes I am much more lackadaisical throughout the day where it will take me longer to get to tasks that I have decided to do that day, and then even when I am within the task, I am not as focused, as concentrated as I could be but am more easily distracted and so generally functioning with a low potency of effect.

I can see how there are many moments, during my day where I can be more potent in my effect within my application and so I see this particular dimension of the word strength I am able to assist and support myself to become more effective within and as, so that I am here supporting myself to actually Live and become Strength as a part of myself.

So this is one dimension that I have looked at so far and so will test this out as part of my process of essentially learning how to Live Words. Learning how to become the Living Word.

The point of ‘Strength’ came up the other day in terms of a point that I often desire of myself but that I more see myself ‘falling short of’ when it comes to actually living this in my day to day life.

So in my writing process I have started to investigate this word strength and am here looking to distill some practical ways that I can fulfill myself within and as this word/point through how I am living and directing myself day to day.

One of the Keys that I am busy looking at with the process of ‘living words’ is how to make this process practical and tangible in terms of actual actions that I can execute so to within this integrate the word as part of my daily actions.

So I will test out this point of supporting myself to when I am doing a task, to make sure that my execution and application of that task is effective and that I am giving it my Full Attention and application so that my degree of potency of affect is Strong which is the result when simply ALL of myself is HERE and aligned to the task at hand and not divided and preoccupied, thinking or wishing in my mind about being somewhere else, doing something else ect.

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