Are You Motivated By Money? – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 596

Are you motivated by money?

I used to say that I wasn’t motivated by money.

But in a way I was not understanding what that actually meant.


I would look at people who had allot of money and who were driven in business who generated allot of money as being those ‘motivated by money’


Where I myself saw myself as ‘not interested in such material things’

I believed that because I had decided to become an Artist that that was an indication that I wasn’t motivated by money and to some degree you could say that is true.


From my perspective I believed ‘making money was easy’ – Just go into a profession that had a high paying wage.

The fact that I was making art to me meant that I was not motivated by money because if I was Id just take the ‘easy road’ as I saw it.


But there was another dimension that I did not consider and recently I have come to see how in fact I was/am motivated by money.


This understanding has come through more clearly of late in large part as a result of listening the “Soul of Money” interviews on Eqafe and more pointedly the most recent interviews related to Business that Id highly recommend for anyone interested in business and building a business – Because these interviews offer such a unique perspective, which allowed me to see how I was in fact ‘motivated by money’ and how this was limiting me within my reality and how this in a way always kept me locked into only ever earning a specific amount of money and never really in my life going very much outside of that earning bracket.


So the main realization that emerged within me from listening to these interviews in terms of realizing that I was in fact motivated by money was/is in relation to my daily actions, and how my daily actions would in fact change depending on how much money I had.


Sure, I wanted to earn more money – but every time id get to the amount that was ‘normal’ for me, Id stop doing the actions that generate me money.


To me I thought this meant that “I wasn’t motivated by money” because I would not continue striving after money – but what I have come to realize is that this actually means that “I AM motivated by money” because if I wasn’t motivated and stimulated by money – my Actions would in fact move, in a way, independently of money in a way where for instance I would not stop doing those actions that generate money once I reached a certain amount of money. But that my actions would be based on principle and I would simply continue with the necessary practical actions that generate income where the amount of money I would have would become irrelevant as Id simply direct myself the same, day in and day out doing the necessary actions in a consistent way.


I understand that I could say that “I am not motivated by money” ‘which is why I don’t have the drive’ to make money, but I see that that is not the case because I actually do want to make money and so this revealed this dimension I discussed above where I started to realize how much my actions where tied into how much money I had or didn’t have where Id only work if I did not have enough money or I needed money and then once I had enough, Id slow down and my actions would change indicating my actions were being motivated by how much money I had or didn’t have instead of me/my actions being based on an understanding of the actions I require to do to generate money and once I sorted the actions out, Id simply apply them consistently and not stop when I reached the point where id normally stop if money were that which was stimulating my actions – Obviously these actions must be considered practically within the realm of ‘money’ in terms of aligning ones actions to producing an income.


So here Id highly recommend these interviews if you are interested in business and learning how to become more effective within this point and within your life in terms of becoming more effective and stable with money.


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