Making My Art Practical In This World – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 593

I am here applying the Self Corrective/Commitment Statements on the Self Forgiveness walked in – Veiling Myself With Ideas of Who I Am – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 592

I commit myself to assist and support myself to release myself from the want, need and desire to create a specific kind of art that I see, realize and understand has been the kind of art that I have created throughout my life that has been based within a specific framework that did not take into consideration what is best for all, and so thus here, within seeing that this initial framework I had set up to support making my art is flawed, that I here in commit myself to assist and support myself to develop a new framework, new principles within which I create my art where the foundation of this new framework is to do/live what is best for all.

I commit myself to let go of the past, as the past format that I have used to create my art as I see that this format is no longer valid and so I commit myself to establish a new format that is practical in terms of being aligned with my current understanding/awareness of how our current world is functioning and so thus within this to align effectively the art I make with the primary point around which our world operates – Money. And so here I commit myself to allow myself to recognize that within this context, and within the context of my current position in the system in terms of most of the art I am making at the moment, that within recognizing the context, and thus the reason and purpose for most of the art I am making at the moment to thus allow myself to try new things, test out new ideas, concepts, ways and styles of making art that is oriented to offering the buyer/consumer something that they will want to/are able to purchase to thus align my art with money and so here to walk away from and let go of my previous framework I utilized in making art.

When and as I see myself wanting to just go ahead and make something that is typical of what I would normally make, I stop and I breath. In this moment I check to see if this ‘wanting’ is linked to my past as the past format I had established for making/creating art and thus to ensure that I am not accepting and allowing myself to continue following this pre-programmed format as I see, realize, and understand that this format is more based on my own self interest and what I WANT to create based on fueling and perpetuating personalities and characters that I had accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as,  and is/was not effectively taking into consideration the current context of our reality where Money is the currency that rules and so I commit myself to in this moment, let go of my pre-programmed format for making and creating art and rather move/direct myself to making something that is more practically aligned with something that is more marketable/sellable where this may not necessarily be something that I ‘like’ or that I ‘prefer’ but it is something that is effectively aligned with that which is marketable and thus more practically supportive for me in terms of aligning the points of my life to support my process of stabilizing and empowering myself within this Life.

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