Artistic Integrity in a World of Consumerism – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 591

One of the points that I have encountered within my process of making Art is in relation to money and ultimately the point of catering what I create to the buyer so to speak so that the Art becomes marketable and sellable.

I have struggled with this point from the perspective of where I have more oriented my artwork to be a more Unique Individual Expression and have been more inclined to create art as Individual Expression firstly where the point of making Art that is sellable comes only as a secondary point.

I have told myself that I am interested in making money with my art, though I have recently come to face this point again of “but am I really?” – ‘am I really interested in making art for money’.

Since becoming more aware of the context of our world system and the consumerist nature in which it exist I made a practical decision to embrace this understanding and align my art accordingly. Until this, which was around 5 or 6 years ago, I made art almost exclusively as a Individual Expression only where ‘selling the art’ was very very low on the list of priorities that was my equation in which I approached the creating of works of art. As a result I created what I see as interesting pieces of art though with very little sales.

As mentioned I eventually developed a more intimate understanding with how our world actually functions and the grasp consumerism has within the minds of individuals and so according to this I realized the necessity of – ‘if I was going to continue with art, to really consider this and orient what I am creating to this ‘consumerist mind’ so to speak.’

And so I began this process.

Along the way I tested various points and in a way fought with this point within me to want to ‘create something unique and original’ vs ‘creating something sellable. In art school to make art sellable was to commercialize ones art and then this was ‘looked down on’ – In otherwords its was more honorable to remain poor and to apparently not compromise ones artistic integrity.

However the days for creating original art or maintaining ones artistic integrity is gone if at all it was ever here. What I mean is that I realize that if I continue to simply strive for some idea I have of the perfect work of art while being aware of the context of our system and the state of our world currently, I am ultimately confirming that my Self Interest is ruling me because I realize that it is necessary at this stage to actually align oneself to the principle of doing what is best for all where for instance the pursuit of creating the perfect work of art can be put on pause until everyone on this planet first has access to the basic necessities of life where each is actually existing in a point of equality and all is taken care of -then from there going on to explore such things as actual artistic expression can really be a part of our lives

I realize that the only thing stopping me from aligning my art to being more marketable/seelable is EGO.

This point still definitely requires some Self Forgiveness to release me from this idea that I have clutched so desperately that “I must make something interesting or unique” instead of actually aligning my Art to be more Practical in terms of supporting me to afford the basic necessities of my life.

In my next blog I will continue with this point and start with the process of applying some self forgiveness to release myself from my self imposed prison as the Artist Prisonality…I mean Personality that refuses to actually let go the values and definitions that It/I have connected to making a certain kind of art so that I can in fact once and for all embrace art and making art within a practical context, taking into consideration my understanding of the current state of our world as the manifestation of Consumerism. I can see here that I have only touched on some of the points related to this point and so as mentioned I will continue opening up and exploring these points in my next blog through applying Self Self forgiveness.

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