Grounding Future Potentials in Practical Actions – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 589



I am here concluding the Self Corrective Statements on the Self Forgiveness that I walked in the following blog – Mental Armageddon – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 572

The first 3 parts of the Self Commitments was walked in the following Blogs
Part 1 – Following Through With Practical Plans – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 581
Part 2 – Impairing Expression – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 582
Part 3 – Interpretation is Never Reality – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 588

When and as I see myself going into my mind and playing out all the possible potentials of my life based on the points I am walking and within playing out these potentials within my mind, go into these ‘play-outs’ and start participating  with forming/accessing various positive and negative experiences based on hopes and fears about my future, when I see that I am doing this, I stop and I breathe. I realize that yes it can be cool to assess the different potentials of ones life/future though I also realize that it is not necessary to go overboard in this where I will start to really go into the play-outs and actually take this process from a point of practicality in assessing the various possible outcomes of specific actions, taking it into a point of impracticality and fantasy where I will find myself going into either the positive or negative experiences that I have associated with the various playouts. And so it is here that I commit myself to Align myself to Physical Reality and in this no more accept and allow myself to get caught up and possessed by positive and negative fantasy playouts/projections within my mind where I start to actually generate a positive or negative experience within me based on hopes and fears. I realize that these positively and negatively charged fantsies within my mind is not real from the perspective that it is not HERE. What is here is my current reality and this is where I commit myself to align myself with. So here I commit myself to always Ground my practical assessment of potential playouts in Physical Reality as and through the Walking and Living of that/those actions which I see is the best way for me to apply myself within my reality to create the best results. In this I no more accept and allow myself to distort my practical assessment of potential playouts of my reality through by taking them into a point of ‘energy’ as positive and/or negative experience that I then generate and participate in in relation to the fantasy picture I have accepted and allowed myself to entertain in my mind.

Here I commit myself to assist and support myself to align Myself to Physical Reality and Practical Living and to breath by breath, step by step ground myself in the physical through by taking note of my Actual physical living  behavior and application in the moment as I see, realize and understand that this physical application, that this in-the-moment Living is what Determines who I am and ultimately any and all potential outcomes that will come to be and so in this I realize that after/within/as I assess my reality in terms of looking at potential play-outs, I must here also simultaneously commit myself within my  Living of the Physical Actions that I see is necessary for me to live in every moment to optimize my time here on earth, cultivating, creating and manifesting my reality within the context of Supporting Myself Effectively within my process of Self Change and Living / Expressing me to my utmost potential, which implies Living in and as the Principle of What is Best for ALL.

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