Aligning Myself Within Work to Physical Actions – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 587

Here I am applying the Self Corrective Statements to the Self Forgiveness walked in – The Pattern of Avoiding Work – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 586

I commit myself to assist and support myself to align myself within and as work in a way where I am directing myself within Principle within the context of doing what I see, realize, and understand is practically the most effective way to direct myself within work, no more accepting and allowing my ‘experience’ to override what I see is practically functionally the best way to direct myself in relation to my job.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to Align Myself to Principle in terms of when it comes to that which I have defined as work, as I see that I have accepted and allowed ‘experience’ to direct, and influence me within my life and thus I have within accepting this, compromised myself within my Living Application instead of walking daily within a point of what is/would in fact be practically functionally best which has nothing to do with feelings or emotions or energy experiences, it has to do with practically assessing what I see would be the best way to physically movie/direct myself within a particular point and then following through on that practical insight that I established within my assessment.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to align myself to walking practical step by step plans that I have assessed would in fact be best in terms of directing tasks, and directing my life in various aspects including that which I define as work. And thus stopping myself from deviating from this plan because ‘i don’t feel like it’ which is how one becomes side-tracked by ‘experience’ as positive and negative energy which ultimately compromise ones potential because one will not follow through on practical plans due to accepting and allowing ‘Experience’ instead of Principle exist as ones directive principle.

I see that often I can see a practical route that I could take within particular points, but that I do not stick to that practical route that I have calculated, but deviate from the path through becoming enticed and influenced by Energy as emotional and feeling experiences and within this actually compromise my effectiveness and execution of such tasks

I commit myself to redefine my definition of the word work through practically Living that which I see would be/is a more functionally effective approach to working/ doing that which I define as work, within this no more accepting and allowing myself to live out my pre-programmed definition of ‘work’ that I had constructed throughout my life where embedded within this definition is various opinions, beliefs, judgements, negative and positive energies, and experiences, and various other dimensions that was formed within the context of self interest instead of Practical Responsibility within the context of what is best for all. And so I commit myself to Establish Myself within and as the definition and living of the point of work within the context of What is Best for All. Through by assisting and supporting myself to align myself within work to the Physical Actions of and as the Practical Plan I assess is the most effective execution of the task at hand

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