What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You? – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 583


I have recently acquired a new car and within doing this an interesting point has emerged in relation to the color of the car and how colors, specifically in this case the color and also style of ones cars is used to define and reinforce personalities that individuals construct within themselves and automate as their living behavior throughout their life.

Ok so the car I purchased was yellow. I had never planned on getting a yellow car, and if I could choose any color, yellow certainly would not be the color of my choosing for my car. However I only had so many options and the final choice I made ended up being a car that was yellow.

What revealed in my hunt for a new car is the importance and value that I have accepted and allowed myself to place on my ego as the various persona’s and characters I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as/act out within my life. I noticed this because I could see that I was have some reactions come up in relation to the color of my car.

One point I noticed is that I really did not prefer to exist as personalities or characters that utilized the color yellow as part of their specific self definition/programming. Though its been cool because then this way, having a yellow car actually support me to not access or go into ego/personality in relation to my car and thus I can assist and support myself to simply be here in and as breath instead of going into some ego personality that I have constructed within the context of attempting to come out on top in the game of survival we call life.

I have noticed that as I am driving my car there is not much going on inside me….specifically, ‘I don’t feel cool’ lol.

I mean if I was driving a black car, I might feel allot cooler. Where this then would be an indication that I am possessed by a personality I have created where the color black holds a specific value point within the defined personality

So this is essentially the same point as – it should not matter what clothes you are wearing, that no matter what you wear ‘YOU’ should not change, but simply remain here in and as breath, stable, the same today tomorrow and yesterday.

And so the same goes for driving. It should not matter if you drive a black BMW or a pink van – who YOU are should not change and technically you do Not Change, though your mind might change but the real you, hidden under all the shit that comes up as the various personalities you live out, is still the same. and so thus this is a cool test one can do for oneself where you can look at the various cars out there and see who you would be in owning or driving any of these specific cars, where the point here is to assist and support Self to establish SELF as the Starting Point of Self, meaning where ones external decoration does not influence who self is but that Self always remain Self in all situations. And so thus then the first point is to Establish Self. Who is Self for real at the core of oneself.

At the moment humanity is lost in consumerism and all the various experiences one create within and as oneself in relation ones Style that they ultimately buy with money and in this create a particular experience of and as themselves and so part of this ‘style’ this ‘Character’ this ‘Personality’ that Self build can also be modified through the particular car that one drive and so one will chose a vehicle that suit their style which is to mean often that it suit their Ego, or their Mind in how they have defined themselves or Want to define themselves.

So driving this bright yellow car around is quite cool because within myself its like “cannot compute” where its like I don’t even know how to react or respond to the fact that I am driving around this car because for instance it was not a color that I have spent years integrating into the various ego personalities that I have created and so it does support me from this aspect because now when I drive I am in a way forced to just be me because no alter egos are really activating because the color of my car is not a color that I have ever really connected to any of my main personalities.

There are some points/reactions/personalities coming up though the main point I was seeing here is how this car does not bring up some of the more ‘desirable’ personalities that I have more formed an addiction to and more participate with.

Overall its simply a cool opportunity to support myself to Establish and Live Here as Myself where the kind of car I drive does not change the experience of me but that I simply remain here and stable not matter what I am driving.


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