Capitalism Squandering Humanities Potential – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 580


I find within doing Artwork that one of the Key ingredients in order to be able to do this is not creativity, is not determination, is not technical skill, is not passion, is not a steady hand, is not a unique mind, it is something that we have made much more important than all these things – MONEY!

If you do not have money, you simply cannot create your artwork. Because what does money actually equal? It equals food on the table, it equals transportation, it equals a roof over your head, it equals proper hygiene to support your body, its equals time, it equals transportation, it equals materials, ect. money has become the common denominator of all things essentially, money affords you the capacity to be able to function effectively within this world. And this point is not specific to art obviously, I have simply used this as an example because that is a point close to me in my world.

What I see is that Money essentially would facilitate an Artist to reach their optimum potential within their craft. Without money they would never be able to do this as they simply would not have the support that money provides, such as supplies, space to work, time so one can be patient and not have to worry about making money so that they can take care of their basic needs, money provides, everything that one require to reach their potential within their particular expression or application. Ultimately money buys you the conditions to be able to function to your utmost potential.

At least money provides this within the context of rules of the system that we currently have set up called capitalism.

So in looking at this point the question that comes up for me is ‘how many people are actually reaching their optimum potential within our system of capitalism’? and how much Potential within humanity is being squandered due to the majority actually having a lack of resources due to a lack of money to really be able to function in there utmost potential.

If you look at how the system is set up ultimately you must simply work 30 to 40 hours a week to live. The majority of individuals on earth do this and still it only provides for them a minimum existence.

There is of course the Elite of the Elite who have all the time and resources In the world as they have all the money. So this is tiny tiny percentage of people actually having the resources to live and express to their utmost potential. With the majority of individuals placed in a position where their utmost potential is never accessed because they simply do not have the resources or time or money to do this.

And so what this implies is that capitalism is currently inhibiting our expression of humanity with only a tiny tiny fraction of individuals being able to have the opportunity to really live to their full potential.

Now image what it would be like if ALL 10 billion of us were living and accessing our full potential.

What kind of technology would we have?

What kind of Artwork would be we make?

What kind of cars would be build?

What kind of housing would we create?

What kind of products we invent?

What would our phone or computer technology be like?

What would health be like?

What would are scientific research consist of?

What would are sporting be like?

What would our movies and entertainment be like?

What sort of jobs would exist?

How would our relationship with animals and the planet be like?

How about food – What new kind of advances would we make in agriculture and food?

Or even restaurants – It would be cool because there would be master chefs everywhere expressing on a level that had never before been fathomed.

What would it be like if every single human being was operating to there utmost potential.

I see hundreds, even thousands of people a day. And within these people there is so so much untapped potential just locked away, supressed, because simply the conditions are not right. It is not because they are unable. I see this expressing to our utmost potential to be a natural expression once the conditions are right.

So the Golden Question then? How do we create these conditions.

And the Golden Answer…

Living Income Guaranteed.

A Living Income as a modification and adjustment of capitalism would begin the process of creating the conditions to assist and support ALL individuals to start accessing and expressing within their utmost potential and shit it would be amazing to see what we could come up with then.

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