Self Movement – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 578


I am feeling lazy. There is a point within me where ‘I do not want to do anything’. What I see this statement really means, or more specifically means, is that I don’t want to do anything that will not or does not generate within me a ‘reward energy’ and so I will not direct myself in practical supportive tasks because there is no reward energy in them. So I am noticing within myself a ‘more than usual’ resistance to doing things where this not an energy reward. And so what I will do is search for those energetic charges which act as a kind of drug that I want. That I want as a dimension of a task as a condition determining that those are the tasks that I will move myself within.

I have also noticed recently that without my ‘energetic reward’ that I am seemingly more less-functional and unmotivated and so in other words, I see that I have conditioned myself to only move myself if there will be an energetic high and to not move myself within a point if it does not contain that dimension of having that ‘energetic reward stimulation’.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to condition and program myself to require and need ‘positive energy’ within a frequency where I experience this as a form of a reward, before or to move/direct myself within my life and application and so have accepted and allowed myself to trap myself within a point of limitation where I have made energy a necessary dimension in order for me to move myself instead of simply just moving myself as a Self Willed Expression.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to require stimulation in and as the form of energy to motivate me to move myself within particular points, and that if a point does not have this stimulation as energy associated or connected with it that I simply will not or will resist moving/applying myself within those points

When and as I am within my day and I am looking at all the points that are here which I could potentially direct myself within and I see within myself that I push aside any tasks that do not have within it the dimension of having an ‘energetic reward’, I in such moments, stop myself and take a breath. Here I see, realize and understand that in doing this I am only supporting myself as a mind that requires energy as stimulation to exist to continue to existing. Also here I see, realize and understand that the ‘practical tasks’ that I am ‘pushing aside’ are being done so because they do not have within them, that aspect/dimension of having the ‘energy charge’ that me as my accepted definition of myself as a mind require to exist. I see, realize and understand that these actions of pushing these tasks aside and only focusing on the tasks/actions where I can generate energy is implying that I am standing within and as the statement that “I am A Mind”, and that I am supporting me as a Mind, instead of supporting myself to establish myself as a Self Willed Expression.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to walk myself out of the mind and into the physical where I direct myself as a point of Self Movement where I Will Myself to simply move, no more accepting and allowing myself to cater to the mind, and to thus exist as the mind within refusing to move myself in points that do not have the dimension of having an energetic reward attached to them

I commit myself to assist and support myself to move myself within tasks that have no energy connected or linked to them through by how I have defined my reality and myself and established the various energy connections towards certain specific points within my reality.

I realize that I am the one who has actually accepted and allowed myself to program ‘energy reward experiences’ towards specific tasks points within my reality where this implies that these points/tasks do not innately contain these such energy points but this is something that I have actually programmed into and as myself as the relationship I have established to such points.

And so I commit myself to assist and supportive myself to Will myself to move and direct myself within my reality Without Energy where here I assist and support myself to let go of this requirement of points needing to  have an energetic dimension to them before I will move myself within such points, which is actually the acceptance and allowance that I require energy to move/live.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to move my physical body as a Self Movement and Self Willed Expression and in this align myself into a practical self supportive assessment of my reality to decide how I should direct myself.

When and as I see myself ‘slowing down’ or becoming lazy due to ‘feeling low’ or in other words ‘feeling like I need some energy’ I stop and and take a breath and reassert myself within my self application and self movement assisting and supporting myself to direct and move myself here in full attention simply as a Self Movement without the dimension of energy necessary to fuel or stimulate me to move.

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