Stopping The Inner Conflict Towards Life – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 576

For the past few days, I have been in the process of looking for a new car to buy. Along with this I also now must get new insurance as well as getting a new licence, and walking these points along with the normal points I usually walk such as working at my job ect.

Today while busy with all this, a point of awareness came up within me of a particular point I have been working with the past week which is that -“Its not necessary for me to make this point more difficult than it actually is”.

This point really opened up when I was listening to an Eqafe interview last week and the being in the interview asked the question – “Do we make reality/living more difficult than it actually is” or something along those lines, where the point that was being brought through is how as we live/walk our lives we are often existing in an ‘internal reality’ of conflict and friction that is not actually necessary, or for that matter, even related to the actual physical reality we are existing in.

When this question was raised I could relate to this and saw within myself how I have carried within me a more ‘pessimistic attitude’ and have often experienced kind of like an inner fighting within myself all the time in relation to my reality. Now this does not mean to simply switch from a ‘pesemistic’ attitude to an ‘optimistic’ one but rather to identify when ones ‘perception’ is not actually what is really here, and to rather focus on what IS actually really here in and as the physical reality and to in a way ‘step out of’ ones inner dramas and turmoils so to assist and support oneself to move more effectively within ones life/reality.

So today as I was walking these various points that I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I was aware of this point that I have been walking this past week and so am busy supporting myself to make sure not to create an alternate mental reality of friction, difficulty, pessimism, stress, ect, and superimpose it onto what is actually here and so rather I have been focusing on walking in breath, and really not “going into my head” about the points that I am waking at the moment, but to simply walk/direct the necessary practical points without making a big deal about within my mind.

So this was cool because I could see this point within me of wanting to become overwhelmed “with all things I must do” and within this, I see that I can actually make the decision to rather not go into that overwhelming experience and inner reality of friction in relation to what I am walking but to rather just remain here and focused on the tasks at hand. And thus not make my reality more difficult than it actually is. So I will continue walking this point in this way and see how it goes.


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