Stabilizing Reactions So I Can SEE Practically – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 575


Here I am Applying the Self Corrective Statements for the Self Forgiveness done on Day 574 “Feeling Like My Reality is Against Me” 

When and as I see myself going into a reaction because I feel like my ideas and execution has failed where others ideas and executions have succeeded, I stop and I breath. I realize here that I have formed a reaction within myself as a result of the comparison-point I accepted and allowed myself to participate/exist within towards my reality/environment/my peers. I commit myself to utilize my environment and my peers as Practical feedback Mechanisms that I can utilize to assist and support myself to adjust, modify, refine, strengthen and correct my Practical Living Application where for instance when and as I see that others are applying themselves in certain ways that I see is actually working effectively, instead of reacting, and going into Self Judgement,  I can simply utilize this as Practical Feedback for me to refine how I am applying myself if I see that this is something that would support me within the context of Aligning my Living Application in a way that Best for All and that is supporting me to Live and Apply myself to my utmost Potential.

I also realize within this that my reaction had the affect of ‘distorting my view of reality’ Meaning, within my reaction I went to an extreme of judging my own application as being ‘completely useless’ or ‘completely wrong’ or ‘a big failure’. I see here that this is not the case. I see, realize and understand that the energetic reaction I had created an experience within me that made things seem worse than they really were. I was so caught up and essentially possessed by my energetic reaction that I was not seeing reality clearly and how it was actually existing practically.  I see that within such moments/points, I can assess what within my application is actually effective and what requires adjustment instead of just throwing everything out, and so otherwise, keep ‘what’s good and throw-out what is bad’ so to speak.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to when I realize that how I have been applying myself is not working out like I had planned or hoped and I see and realize that it requires some adjustment, to within this identify what points within my application are working effectively and continue applying those parts/aspects and to identify what is not working and thus to adjust accordingly. And so ultimately do do a Practical Assessment of My application from the starting point of Self Stability and not emotional reaction.

I realize that when and go into reaction I thus act and direct me irrationally where I will go into a point of for instance abandoning everything when if I had actually slowed myself down, and stabilized myself and looked practically at the situation, that  I would see not ALL that I am doing is ineffective and so thus, I commit myself to assist and support myself to remain as practical and clear-sighted and stable within myself within these moments/points of where I come to the realization that how I am applying myself requires some changes, and so thus I commit myself to walk this change, alteration in the best way possible that actually supports me to the utmost, which is clear does not come from a starting  point of reaction, energetic fluctuations, inner stress, and judgement.

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