Desiring What Others Have – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 573

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Today I listened to one of the most recent life reviews on Eqafe titled “Powerless Comparisons – Life Review” The interview went into detail about a specific relationship that individuals tend to have with money in where they are constantly existing in a point of comparing how much money they have to how much money other people either have or do not have where there exist this interplay of where they go into a point of either being dissatisfied with what they have and thus desiring what others have when they are comparing their life to those that have more or where they experience a point of satisfaction and just being happy with what they have when they compare their life to those that are less fortunate and have less and so in essence their experience of themselves within their life is determined through this comparison point.

I could relate to this quite a bit in terms of seeing how I often will create various experiences and definitions and judgements towards myself in relation to comparing my life with those that either have less or more in terms of money/wealth.

Now another fascinating dimension opened up in this interview is how we have in a way limited ourselves within this comparison because we will for instance go into a desire towards ‘wanting what another has’ but within this not consider what it actually took to get what they have where to actually be in such a position and having access to the specific points which creates this desirable lifestyle requires certain specific conditions to exist, particularly for our current money system to exist in the way it does. A money system that requires many to be jobless and in poverty to facilitate those luxurious lives which becomes a point of desire within those that do not have that and so for instance we will simply desire to have the nice car or the big house and the easy life but we do not consider what decisions actually had to be made to end up in such a position and for instance how many lives that an individual may have had to abuse/place in a point of abuse to accumulate their wealth for instance.

I have noticed this point at times where I will look at someone driving a nice car and I will go into this point of desire but I will not stop for a moment and actually consider the kind of life that such an individual has to live in order to acquire such a point. Maybe they work a job that they do not particularly enjoy but through that job they get the money to afford such a vehicle for example.

Now the next interesting point that was brought up in this interview was looking at the point of Limitation in going into desiring what others have or desiring to not live in the conditions that some people are in.

Essentially what we have is a System that is placing our Desires and Wants in front of us in the form of media, advertising, entertainment ect where then we end up desiring ‘the nice car’ the ‘good life’ however we have missed one important thing – We have not actually considered what it is we do actually want for ourselves, but rather we have accepted the templatic version of what we should desire’ that has been put in front of our faces in pictures we see on tv, movies, media ect.

And this point was taken even further and it was pointed out that for instance in a different context of life our actual wants and desires would be nothing like what we have accepted to be what we think we really want and need.

Ultimately this point is and should be looked at within the context of ‘What is Best For ALL’. Meaning this point should be looked at within the context of creating a World that is actually much different than the one we are currently living in.

At the moment our world is ‘not best for all’ and within this you have individuals claiming that they want to become better people and ‘make a difference’ yet when one go into a point of desiring that which is conditional to our current system/circumstances, that in this one is in a way holding our current world with all its abuses in place.

And so within letting go of those ‘wants, needs, desires’ that is a manifestation of our current world of abuse, one is in a way actually opening the door for actual change to occur.

I mean in an Living Income Guarantee System for instance would I actually want, need and desire that which I so passionately want, need, and desire today and so if I would not than that really throws into question the validity of my seemingly so real wants, needs, and desires, and I must ask myself “Is that really what I want?”

Obviously I am sure many have come to the conclusion that to desire material things will not bring one their real happiness so to speak, and yes, many have realized this point, but the important thing here is to recognise within oneself when, even though they may have realized this, that there are those moments throughout ones day where one will in fact still go into that point of desire towards wanting what another has or comparing your life to those that either have less or more than you.

I have often felt stuck in my life, but I see that this ‘stuck’ feeling that I have given so much attention to and actually created quite allot of turmoil around is related to comparing my life to what others have, and particularly towards those who I define/see as successful. So overall this Interview opened up some pretty cool points for me to open up further, investigate, explore and apply self forgiveness on to assist and support myself to align myself with actually becoming a component of real change within this world to assist and support the movement of where we currently are existing into a point of creating a world that is really best for all and that supports all individuals on earth within a point of oneness and equality as I see that that is actually common sensically what is the best thing to do.

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