A Universal Reaction – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 570

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This blog is a continuation of a series of blogs where I am investigating a reaction I had come up recently while working on an art piece where I had perceived that I had made an irreversible fatal mistake. I have decided to open this point up through looking at it within 3 different dimensions – The Conscious/Personal, The Subconscious/Interpersonal, and the Unconscious/Universal. For a cool and interesting overview of these 3 dimensions please see this blog – http://creationsjourneytolife.blogspot.com/2013/08/day-474-blogging-three-in-one.html

I am moving onto now the final phase of exploring this point where I have in my previous blogs looked at the conscious/personal, subconscious/interpersonal, and now here will be looking at the unconscious/universal dimension of this point.

If I look at the essence of the reaction that I had in relation to my art piece – it was Fear. I reacted how I was supposed to react. I reacted how is expected of me to react. The reactions that is programmed in through the education system where competition and gold stars and pop quizzes and grades to measure you against your peers all designed to stimulate you to compete against your neighbor to be the best, to become the best, to achieve the American Dream, to WIN!

So I supposed I fell right into this trap quite extensively during these formative years of my life as I walked through the education system and learned how to compete with my peers and ultimately accepted the meanings and definitions of success and achievement that was given to me through this education system. A system designed to create a populace of worker bees to keep the machine as the world system functioning.

In this world we are trained, or perhaps better said, we are coerced to learn the timing of the system. Every month our rent is due, our phone bill is due, our student loan bill is due, our credit card bill is due, our car insurance bill is due, ect. There is no room for interpretation here. Our System operates on a mathematical equation and does not give a fuck if you have the money or not. That is not how it works, It simply moves like clockwork and like clockwork you must come up with the money. Depending on your education and and how you were raised by your parents, or even where you were born, this ‘coming up with the money’ can be learned to be easy, or difficult, though based on the current settings of our System, this ‘coming up with the money’ is Difficult for most where one has very little room for mistakes. I have often experienced the end of the month like walking through the eye of the needle and I have experienced life often like walking a tight rope. Each day you must get up for work, you must manage your money correctly balancing multiple different points just right so that you have enough for all of the points and so my reaction that came up was that point where you really have no plan B, Your plan B is actually just ‘make dam sure plan A works’.There is so many living like this in this world. They have very few options and so it does become like walking a tight rope, walking their one path where if they are to deviate from that path there is literally nothing there to support them.

So I can see how my reaction was based on the conditions of our current world system. Particularly the money system and how the money flows through the system.

Would my reaction have been the same if there was for instance a Living Income Guarantee/Basic Income Grant where citizens were given a dividend each month as Life Support for ones Basic Needs Human Right. This would essentially Stand as the Ultimate Plan B so to speak. A Guarantee that ones Survival is ALWAYS taken care of as a birth right. I would likely react allot differently to the mistake I made with my art piece, because now suddenly my entire Survival is not hanging in the balance, because with a Living Income Guarantee, I have a based line Income coming in NO MATTER WHAT.

Understand my Income depends on the Art I make. If I invest my time into a project and the project unexpectedly falls apart, I have not back-up plan. And so when I experienced this point of making a mistake on my art piece I reacted and part of my reaction was in relation to the fact that there was no plan b and now suddenly my survival is like thrust into the danger zone in one moment.

You its quite fucked up because there is soooooooo many variables in this world that make ‘making a mistake’ quite common place. But the way we have set up our system we have not at all taken this into account. Our current Solution at the moment is “aww man, thats to bad, better luck next time” That is unacceptable and a result of a shortsighted view not just from decision makers  or those in power but from all of humanity. 

I recommend to investigate the Living Income Guarantee as a Real Solution that reflect real Common Sense to reshaping our current system and economic climate into one that supports ALL individuals so much better so that all can live a dignified life and be empowered within their expression and potential.

So here I have opened up this reaction point looking at all 3 Dimensions of Personal/Conscious, Interpersonal/Subconscious and Unconscious/Universal. From here I will be walking through each of these points and applying Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Statements.

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