The Great Frustration – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 562

Cloud of Judgement.

Clarity – This is a point I have been looking at lately. What I have been seeing is that I lack this point of Clarity within myself in relation to how I am directing myself within the various points that comprise my life.

This can be work related, relationship related, money related, expression related – It’s like there is ‘confusion’ within me in relation to all of this really and so I have been looking at this within the context of ‘Clarity’ and looking at how I am able to actually establish Self Clarity so that I can in fact see my reality in a way where it support me to actually give direction to the various points within my life in a way that I can actually TRUST. Because that has been a big point within this. The point of Trust.

I can see that I have no trust within myself in relation to the decisions I make and thus how I am directing myself within my life day to day. This creates a form of friction and conflict within me because I am constantly questioning if what I am doing is right or wrong, or if I can do it better or differently or if I should be doing it all where behind all this there is this kind of uncertainty that is triggering all these questions, worries, concerns where ultimately I just can’t seem to Stand by any point within my life. Everything has become absolutely arbitrary and inconsequential where there is no solidity to the decisions and choices I am making. Like at any moment someone could come up to me and say “what you are doing is wrong” and that would actually influence me quite a bit because within myself I am lacking clarity in relation to what I am doing. Where If someone were to actually challenge me on what I was doing, I couldn’t really Stand by what I am doing with the absolute Trust and Stability that I see I’d like to establish within and as myself.

Clarity I see is in part related to the mind and how when and as one is existing in a mind that is in itself existing as a form of an ‘alternate universe’ with no practical connection to ‘what is real’ in terms of having an equal and one relationship and alignment to the physical as what is actually here within our reality, that when one allows one to exist within this alternate reality of the mind instead of existing here, that one end up separating oneself from what is actually here where now one is only seeing reality through the filter of the mind which end up causing interpretation and opinion to take place where one is never actually seeing what is here for real as one is only ever interpreting what they see through the mind.

And so this is where I see I have not actually walked myself into a point of clarity which would be me walking and aligning myself with and as what is really here as the physical and in so doing, being able to SEE what is here and thus making informed decisions that I can Trust, that I can actually stand by.

We have really fucked ourselves within our mind and now all we see is our own self created alternate reality of the mind that is like a veil that sits over actual reality where we are for instance able to perceive ‘everything being fine’ when the state of the world if one stand back and really look at what is here is quite fucked up.

And so in terms of my personal life I have been finding that a form of frustration emerge within me because I have yet to develop that point of Trust within myself where I am really Staning by my actions, and that this is in part related to accepting and allowing myself to still exist primarily within and as my mind, taking cues from my mind and making decisions based on the inner back-chat and experiences conjured up within and through the mind and thus have not yet  effectively Aligned myself with what is actually here as the Physical and thus being able to SEE DIRECTLY what ss here so that my decisions, and my actions are based on What is Really HERE instead of being based on my interpretation of what is here. I mean if your boat is sinking it does not matter how much positive thinking you do – What is REAL ultimately dictates Consequence. And so I see, realize and understand that in order to end my great frustration I must in fact establish myself HERE in and as What is REAL, because if I do not, I will never be satisfied with the decisions I make because quite simply, I can’t be satisfied with them because I have no idea if they will work out or not because when I am basing my decisions and direction on an internal reality that is merely an interpretation of actual reality I cannot trust that things are going to play out how I perceive because I realize that there may be points that I am simply not able to see and that will ultimately influence the flow of events because no matter how beautiful my interpretation of reality is – Actual Reality that is not debateable is the real substance which determine the flow of events and consequence that eventually manifest.

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