You Attack Me, I Attack You, You Attack Me, I Attack You, You Attack Me, I attack You, STOOOOOOOOP! – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 560


This is a continuation from my previous blog – Are Intentions Behind Humor Actually Mean Spirited?- An Artists Journey To Life: Day 559

I see, realize, and understand that I reacted to ‘y’ defining me as bitter because within this I felt that ‘y’ was ‘attacking’ and so my reaction was a ‘how dare you’ reaction and was not so much related to the point of bitterness per-se but more to the point that I felt as though I was being attacked and so here, When and as I see myself reacting to ‘y’ due to seeing/perceiving ‘y’ as ‘attacking’ me, I stop and I breath and I remainbreathing as a point of stabilizing myself where I do not accept and allow myself to participate with my reaction that came up in ‘feeling attacked’. Here I commit myself to assist and support myself to stop competing against ‘y’ and against others which would be one dimension of why I would react to someone perceiving someone ‘attacking’ me.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to identify all points of ‘bitterness’ in my life where in this I investigate myself within my day’s participation and identify where a point of ‘bitterness’ would come up towards a certain point or moment or person and to within this, assist and support myself to no more accept and allow myself to exist in a automated way where these ‘points of bitterness’ go unchecked and unnoticed really, and so thus here I commit myself to pinpoint all these moments as a point of assisting and supporting myself to identify this particular frequency and point and thus stopping it as I see to allow a point of ‘bitterness’ to come up within me in relation to any point within my reality that it is from my perspective indicating a point within me that is ‘out of alignment’ from the perspective of actually aligning myself to and living in a way that is best for all and actually best for myself within and as Equality and Oneness. Thus the bitterness would indicate where I am still accepting and allowing myself to exist within blame or judgement towards something and thus having an opinion about something instead of seeing that point as it is as simply a point of life that is here Equal and One with and as Myself.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to walk the daily process of aligning myself in and as a point of Equality and Oneness with ALL that is here and so thus within this, to walk the process of Self Forgiveness and thus to Forgive myself and forgive what I perceive others have done so to thus bring myself to a point of being able to exist HERE without judgement or reaction towards what is here.

I commit myself to stop justifying my reactions as I see that I have allowed a tendency and pattern of acting in/out of reactions where I will justify this as if I am justified in my ‘response/reaction’ even though I can see that within myself there is an energetic reaction stimulating me and thus stimulating my ‘response’ that is NOT a Self Directed Response but rather a Response done in reaction that only perpetuate the energy battle ensuing like I am a sorcerer throwing lighting at my opponent in an epic batter of sorcery where each participant is going back and forth in energy reactions that is like electricity charged up within oneself that one then project and lash out onto/towards another as a form of attack that is in no way a ‘response’ done as a point of Self Direction spoken/acted within and as Self Stability that is not emotionally/feeling charged up electricity as energy with the intentof energetically assaulting another as a retaliation for such ‘abuses’ perceived to have had done unto oneself by the other where the point here would simply be to breath when ever I see this energy war starting to emerge and to simply forgive the other being for committing such an action and to thus also forgive myself for wanting to retaliate instead of immediately moving into a point of Self Correction to Align oneself into and as a point of Support for life within the principle of what is best for all within and as Equality and Oneness.


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