Trying To Carrying The Past Into New Adventures – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 555

Its Time To Stop Carrying The Past, Investigate Self With Desteni I Process


I have noticed within me that I still hold onto the idea of ‘relationship’ in terms of as I have been attempting to ‘move forwards’ in my process of Self Change and particularly within the context of agreement, and essentially I see that in by still holding onto these ‘ideas’ that I have held myself back in actually in fact changing myself.

In approaching the point of having an agreement I within this still allowed myself to hold onto some of the dimensions of ‘relationship’ and to ‘carry them over’ into the agreement point and thus was essentially still seeking after a ‘relationship’ even though I was telling myself that I was doing something different.

An agreement with another is a point that has been taken on by many of those who have endured to walk the process of self change which you can walk step by step with by reading about this journey in the 7 year journey to life blog process.


What I see for myself is that I had accepted and allowed myself to define an agreement as something different than an relationship but that ultimately still had some of the points carrying over that one would find in a relationship. And so in doing this, I was not fully allowing myself to embrace a “new beginning” so to speak because I still wanted some of the ‘old stuff’ that I was unwilling to let go of.

If you are unclear of the difference between what a relationship is and what an agreement is I’d suggest doing a bit of research on this so that you have some more context of what I am writing about.

These interviews on eqafe go into detail on this point

There has also been entire course dedicated to this point

Here is also the Definition of Agreement on the Desteni Wiki Page

What I see is that who I am in terms of how I have defined within myself what a Relationship is consist of various dimensions of the mind as thoughts, mental pictures, ideas, hopes, dreams, experiences, frequencies, feelings, emotions, fears, expectations, attractions, resistances, behaviors, sensations, desires, wants, rules, words  ect and that I had not fully let go of every single one of these dimensions within the process of approaching the point of an agreement or essentially a ‘new relationship’ which has completely different ground rules and principles.

I had not realized that I was carrying over some of the past/old rules, principles, wants, desires hopes, feelings, thoughts ect. And so what was happening was that I was creating an experience of friction, conflict and resistance in my inner and outer reality and I see this was related to the point of actually still ‘wanting the old’ meanwhile moving into what is supposed to be the ‘New’.

So where I am now I see that it is crucial that within this process of Self Change that I actually prepare myself for actually changing, meaning for ‘the death of me’ in essence so that within this I can allow for new points to emerge. As long as I am holding onto these past constructs/dimensions of my wants, needs, desires, ect, in relation to ‘relationship’ I am holding myself back and not really embracing and thus allowing and directing the point of Actual Self Change.

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