Waiting for the Mind to Tell me What to Do – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 553

inner CONsiousness, pencil on paper, 8x10in, 2008

Yesterday I was writing about ‘mental distractions’ and the point of where I noticed that within the tasks that I was doing during the day that within this, It wasn’t ‘enough’ to simply focus on the task at hand but that I have noticed myself wanting ‘something more’ more as a point of ‘distraction’ or something to ‘occupy’ me while I completed my task and so within this I identified  the point of where ones mind and in this case what I identified within myself is how my mind or myself as the mind has gotten to the point of becoming more dominant where before in my life I would often elect to simply focus on the task at hand without that pull, push, desire, want for something extra, like for instance listening to music while I am busy with some other task where there is that point of where the music is simply there as a point of ‘distraction’ as a point of ‘occupation’ as the demand of the mind.

Now what I also see within this is the point of Directive Principle.

And that this is a point for me to work on which is my Directive Principle within my life where here I assist and support myself to become SELF Directive instead of just going here and there and doing this or that as a result of the stimulations and impulses of the mind.

I will notice this coming up all the time during my day where the mind as the thoughts, feelings, wants, pictures, desires, ect are seemingly constantly prompting me with suggestions.


“oh you should get some chocolate”

“why not listen to the radio”

“I want to watch some TV”

“Hitting the snooze just once will be fine”

“oh man it would feel so good to crack my knuckles”

And so depending on ones programming and how one has conditioned oneself within and as the mind ones mind will be constantly prompting one throughout the day with specific criteria.

So for me my point that I see here is to assist and support myself with BREATH as an Anchor and within this stopping my accepted and allowed submission to the mind in where Id simply follow those impulses from the mind.

You know this is fascinating because I was looking at this point with facebook or even youtube and how at times when I am bored I will  just click on my facebook icon and it will take me to my ‘stream’ where this ‘stream’ is like a programmed set of information flowing based on what I have done in the past, ie; who/what I have liked, who I have friended, what articles I have added to my page and so facebook keep track of this and then essentially prompt and impulse me which would be my ‘facebook stream’ and this is essentially how the mind works where when one is not being Self Directive, one simply just ‘let the mind do the work’ and basically now one just respond to the suggestions and whims of the mind popping up within oneself, just as one would go to facebook and “find something interesting” based on the preprogrammed recommendations of facebook or even with youtube, where one would not have necessarily a specific direction because “that is too hard” instead one will just go with  whatever youtube ‘recommends’ where one would just submit to this stimulus instead of actually Specifically directing oneself with a purpose. And so one just become trapped within ones perpetual pre-programmed stimulus as impulses, suggestions, ect.

So I simply noticed that relationship between how facebook and youtube and even the internet now work in terms of keeping track of everything and then just prompting you with “things you like” where this is like how the mind is automated within oneself and what happens is one eventually submit to that pre-program and just go ahead and follow these pre-suggestions these pre-programmed stimulations.

So here I see that one should never actually act upon such determinations because this imply that one is a slave, that one requires something to stimulate self before one will move or what I see for myself is that this indicate that I am not actually standing within and as my directive principle but have willingly given this over to the mind to direct me where all I have to do is sit back and wait for the mind to suggest to me what I should do and thus then I follow this.

The correction is for me to no more accept and allow myself to following the pre-programmed suggestions of the mind but to ensure that I am in fact the Directive Principle of myself.

There is so many things, that I see I would like to do with myself and with my life but I also see that as long as I just follow the program from my mind that I will never actually do that which is of benefit to me because this stuff that is of benefit is actually a Self Direction. An action/decision based on a practical understanding and purpose within reality towards a specific end. Not something that is based on a sudden impulse that Self did not specifically decide upon.

So this is a point I can support myself with. The point of re-establishing me within and as my Self Directive Principle and no more just “going along” with what the mind prompts me to do.

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