Avoiding Moments of Silence – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 552

A point that I have noticed over the last few weeks is that I am always wanting something to occupy me or stimulate my mind. So for instance when I am at work I have often been listening to audio interviews as I work. But I have noticed that this is more of a ‘want’ from the perspective of where I will ‘not want to work’ without it.

Or when I am in the car, I want to listen to music while I drive. Or if I eat dinner, I want to watch something while I eat. Or if I sit down to draw, I want to listen to something while I draw. And so from my perspective what I see within this is actually a need and desire to be occupied, stimulated and distracted instead of simply being HERE within the task at hand without the need or want to include some distraction or occupation point. The question obviously is – why am I not engaged or occupied by the actual thing I am doing?

Within this I see that I have lost touch with myself in a way because there is like this need to be stimulated all the time where I find, and have de-FINeD myself as boring and so I cannot for instance just sit there and eat a meal with myself because there is this boredom that come up. Or more accurately there is this appetite of the mind that is like constantly wanting to be fed.

Overall I have identified this tendency as the further occupation of the mind where one throughout their life has bit by bit entered more into the mind and the inner realities of the mind which eventually consume the individual and act as a kind of alternate reality that one would rather exist within than simply be here within and as the simplicity of the physical.

So within this I also realize that I must move myself to embrace these ‘moments of silence’ if you will. Doing this deliberately as a point of supporting myself ‘return to myself’ so to speak and to stop accepting and allowing myself to just move into those points of distraction without for a moment stopping and really looking at what is actually going on because it is like within this I haven’t stopped and considered actually deliberately stopping this so to actually spend some time with just myself and in a way to brave the boredom so to speak, but that I have instead just allow myself to constantly and continuously feed the appetite of the mind to be stimulated.

So from here I simply see this as a point for me to work on in terms Directing myself to purposely stop ‘feeding the mind’ in this way but to allow myself to pause for a moment, when that moment of boredom come up – to in that moment pause and breathe and be here and stop that automated movement of fleeing into the mind.


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