Perseverance Within Equality and Oneness – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 551



In my last 2 blogs I have been investigating the point of ‘Perseverance’ and within this looking at how I have lived this word/point within my life and also here looking at how I can change my relationship to this word so that it in fact become something supportive within myself and my life.

It is interesting because I have never really sat down and wrote out this word and opened up the actual relationship I have with this word or others words. Of course I understood what ‘Perseverance’ is though I never considered actually taking a moment and looking at the specifics of how I exist within and as myself in relation to this word personally in terms of how I am actually living out this word within my life currently.

Looking at

What thoughts I have about this word

What pictures come up in my mind in relation to this word

how I exist in relation to this word in terms of a positive/negative experence

what fears do I have around this word

what hopes

what dreams

I see that in a way my definition of perseverance is existing as part of me in every moment and is thus determining who I am.

What I see is that I do have a relationship with this word ‘Perseverance’ but that I never created this relationship in awareness. I never looked at the inner dimensions of this point in terms of how within myself I have defined this word ‘perseverance’ and in what context do I actually exist in relation to this word.

For instance, before, I never realized that I saw ‘Perseverance’ as something that only exist in relation to achieving a goal. And thus I did not realize that then, how I had actually defined this word is actually influencing me within my life without me knowing it.

The point I wanted to bring through tonight is the point of Equality and Oneness in relation to the Word/Definition Perseverance.

What I am busy doing here is re-defining this word for myself and thus within this definition, I would like to bring into play the point of oneness and equality as a particular part of the equation that will constitute my re-definition of this word.

Previously Perseverance was something that I seen and understood through the viewpoint of competition. Or where one must Persevere ‘against’ something where there always seems to be this external point that one must fight, or persevere ‘against’ so to speak.

So what does it mean to persevere when all are here actually supporting one another instead of existing in the perpetual friction and conflict that currently exist.

I see that I have this interesting point within myself. That if the system change. If the world change, and there is nothing to now fight against or persevere against that this point would be lost, and within myself I experience a kind of a let down or disappointment. Like I missed my opportunity to persevere.

So within the context of Equality and Oneness what would be taking place is that beings would no more be existing within a point of conflict with one another but instead standing within a point of supporting one another.

For me when I look at this point of perseverance I see that the definition I have exist in relation to “The System” meaning where for me perseverance has become a point of ‘winning’ or ‘succeeding’ in terms of being able to ‘push through’ and ‘come out on top’ and be the winner, and so again here I am seeing how my definition of perseverance is existing within the point of competition where there is a winner which thus then implies there is a loser.

So what I see is necessary within my accepted and allowed definition of and thus approach to living out this word, is that I step back and take a look at the greater picture and to thus redefine this word perseverance within the context of where ALL of humanity/Life stand and walk and persevere together where its no more about a winner and loser in terms of how it has been accepted but rather a changing of the nature of ourselves so that ALL is considered within the context of Persevering.

Thus to expand my viewpoint so it is no more just about me alone persevering alone in relation to everyone and everything else but instead where it is about looking at how to walk/stand within a point of Equality and Oneness where it is about creating that ability within our lives for ALL to be able to Persevere and achieve their goals so to speak.

So overall, I would say that this is a key point that I have missed, and so to within myself assist and support myself to bring through this dimension of perseverance where I stand back and take into consideration the point of “What is Best For ALL” and thus to have this be the foundation of my Re-Definition/Living of this word perseverance where I Align my Living to the context of looking at and finding Solutions not just for ME to succeed but so that ALL Life, Can succeed together where ones success is no more contingent on the failure of anothers but that rather to investigate and explore how to all Succeed and Persevere together which is what the point of the “Living Income Guarantee” from the Equal Life Foundation is ALL about. It is looking at “How can we make this world work and be supportive for Everyone” not just for a few, or not just for me.

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