Investigating ‘Perseverance’ – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 550


Tonight I am continuing on from my last blog and am here going to further open up the point/word/definition of “Perseverance”.

The initial context within which I was looking at this point of Perseverance was in relation to when I am taking on new projects or points or tasks within my life and how I had/have the tendency to give up easily and quickly rather than really living and walking Perseverance as that point of actually really being relentless in walking and moving oneself to find explore, test, and implement Solutions when ever there is a hang-up or something is misaligned ect.

A point here that I see which is interesting is that in order for me to actually implement and live this point of Perseverance into my Life means that I will actually have to give up existing as the opposite of that from the perspective of the current patterns, routines, and experiences that I am living at the moment instead of living Perseverance.

An attribute that I do see I have connected to this point of Perseverance is the point of ‘doing something quickly’ or ‘achieving results quickly’. Where at the moment I see my current definition of Perseverance is more related to achieving or reaching a goal rather than the process there of of actually walking the necessary steps to achieve a goal for instance.

So this is one of the main re-alignments that I see is necessary in re-defining my definition of ‘Perseverance’. Where the crux of perseverance is not necessarily on achieving the goal only, but is also about the process of achieving that goal. So in a way, I have missed out on the ‘body’ of Perseverance. Like if one were to read a story that only has a beginning and end with no middle part.

So now also if I go back to my previous blog and the point I was opening up there, which was about the point of ‘giving up quickly’ when taking on NEW things in my reality and so Perseverance would be in this context the application of not giving up quickly meaning where when I notice and see within me this point of ‘wanting to give up’ coming up, I would in fact in such moments, not ‘go into’ this experience/point. But that I would rather take a breath, and realize, things do not always go perfectly in every situation, and to thus then remain Patient within myself and within the point, and simply realize that just because something does not manifest instantly doesn’t mean it will never come to be.

I have written about this point before also. This point of how I have a tendency to expect things to happen quickly and how this I see is a result of having actually separated myself from actual reality and how things really work and really move in this physical reality…many of us have herd the saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’.

I mean where did I develop this idea that things must happen flawlessly and perfectly and that if there is one mistake or roadblock than this means “the point is never going to work”

I see that if I do not really care about what I am doing then its like, ‘I don’t really care’ to bother and find solutions for problems or hang-ups that come up where I see this point within me of “its not really worth it” or “Its not really worth my time” and thus ultimately here I am seeing a point of actually having no trust within myself in relation to what I am doing or within new points or projects that I take on, where instead there is a kind ofdoubt within me which incubates this point of just giving up quickly. Where, within my starting point, I hadn’t really established that Commitment within myself of following through with the point, but kind of approached it from a point of doubt and indifference, like maybe it will work, maybe it won’t, either way is fine and so it’s like there is no dedication or commitment within myself towards the points I am walking where I based thesedecisions in a point of awareness where each point has a Directive Purpose that I am Clear about. And so in not having this when walking projects, I can see how this could influence me when I am facing adversity within the process where instead of sticking to perseverance, I just give up, because I don’t really know why I am doing it anyways. I had never really considered if I really cared to complete the project or see it through to the endor not.

I also see how MONEY has played a role in this entire point and how within my life how much money I have had has directly influenced how much time I have to complete something or have something work before ‘it’s too late’ and ‘I am out of time’ which really means, I am out of money.

So I can see how money and our current economic climate has also influenced my perception of reality and also my experience within myself in relation to ‘completing tasks’ or ‘taking on new projects’ where for instance I would start to get anxious if “things are not coming together quickly” because I see that often in my life I have ‘went out on limbs’ in terms of trying to make something work quickly before I run out of time where that perhaps is not the best approach to trying to manifest a Stable Effective Life for myself, so here I see I require a new approach and strategy where I actually plan for the ‘long haul’ meaning simply to consider a greater length of time when walking a point so that when/if things do not manifest straight away, its cool, because I have planned to give myself the necessary time to simply manifest the point into reality no matter how long it takes so to speak.

Ok so I am going to go to here for tonight. The next dimension I would like to bring into play here in relation to my exploration of this point of Perseverance is the point of Equality and Oneness.

I will continue in my next blog.


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