The Habit of Giving Up Quickly – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 549

In my blog yesterday I was starting to investigate the point of where I will give up quickly in relation to doing something new. This point came up when I was online investigating different accounting applications and tools I could use in relation to a new point that opened up in my reality and so I was simply investigating these different options as potential tools I could utilize to facilitate this new point.

As I was busy looking into this, and doing the research around it I noticed multiple times that there was like this point inside me of “this will never work”. This point was like automatic, it was within me the very first instance I started to investigate these various support tools. In seeing this experience I was having in relation to what I was doing I noticed that this is actually a pattern within myself in terms of how I will often approach doing/incorporating new things into my life where there is this kind of skepticism within me where I think “it will never work”. I also noticed that this ‘skepticism’, this ‘doubting’ came up in the form of an energetic experience. I would start to experience a kind of lethargy and then think that ‘the most likely outcome’ is that I would not really follow through with the point. And then within this I would give up within myself and go into Self Defeat and then this is usually where I would move onto just doing my ‘normal routine’ stuff which is basically living out a pattern of limitation where there is really no self expansion taking place.

So here I am going to continue with the Self Forgiveness which I started writing out yesterday on this point.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to automatically think that “nothing works” where my default idea I have towards how reality works is that “nothing anybody does actually works” where within this idea, I have really limited myself and have become my own worst enemy in terms of deterring myself from actually trying anything new because within me deep down I believe that “it will never work because nothing ever works.”

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to consider that other beings are actually able to do things that work effectively and that just because I have not been able to necessarily do something effectively doesn’t mean that others are just the same as me and thus nothing ever works, but that rather to consider that some beings are in fact very effective at doing things.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have a distrust in humanity which I see is related to how I perceive myself and my own ability to actually manifest something of value or success where what I see is that I have in essence defined everyone else in my reality as ‘incapable’ as a point of equality towards myself and my own incapability, believing that nothing anybody does will actually work, and so for instance when I am online and I am investigating different tools to utilize to support me in my life, underlining this investigation is this idea and belief that “nothing is going to work” and so when things start to seem a bit complex or I run into a few ‘problems’, instead of being patient with myself and within the point and moving myself to investigate solutions, and continue moving/directing the point I will immediately go into a point of giving-up where small hang-ups or points where things are not flowing perfectly I use as indicators that my underlining idea and perception that “nothing ever works” is actually true and that “I was right” and so within this go into a point of Self Defeat and just give up instead of seeing, realizing and understanding that this idea/perception I have is actually not accurate but is rather simply an idea that I have programmed into myself throughout my life that i have accepted and allowed to influence and direct me within my living expression and application.

When and as I see myself starting a new task where it is something that I have never done before I commit myself to within this be aware of my pre-programmed default setting of approaching it from the starting point of thinking and believing and feeling like “it will never work” which I see is a point of Self Doubt. And so when and as I see this self doubt point come up within me during this process of starting and doing something new, I stop and I breathe. I realize that I have previously given into this point and so thus have actually supported my own belief that “nothing new ever works” and that within this I also realize that this belief that I have is not actually necessarily true but that it is more an idea that I have created within myself in relation to such a point that I have in a way made real for myself by accepting and allowing myself to go into the point of “giving up” when ever I am facing or walking a new point where this “giving up” is the result of accepting and allowing myself to participate with the various dimensions of this belief as thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, pictures, mental projections and play-outs that come up as I am walking the process of doing something new.

And so I commit myself to assist and support myself to not just give up when ever I am faced with adversity or where I run into problems when ever I am walking a new point or when I am in ‘new territory’ instead of giving up, I here commit myself to assist and support myself to find solutions to points that come up. I understand that just because I run into a problem or hang-up does not automatically mean that “the point is a big failure” or that this is an indication that “I was right” and “things never work out” I realize that in this physical reality things do not always work perfectly and so here I commit myself to assist and support myself to walk and direct myself within and as Patience and Perseverance, points that I see I have not yet assisted and supported myself to really live in my life where so far I have more accepted and allowed myself to live the point of “giving up quickly” and “being easily discouraged”

So from here I can assist and support myself with this Point of Patience and Perseverance through by expanding on these words/points in my next blog. It is interesting because I am actually seeing this point of how I will “give up quickly” when it comes to my blogs also, where I simply don’t often expand points over multiple blogs but instead expect things to just happen quickly and within a short span of time. So here is a point I can support myself within developing within myself within my application which is the point of allowing myself to walk a point with patience and perseverance from the perspective of not simply wanting to arrive at an outcome/solutions immediately but realize that sometimes and often things take time, dedication, and consistency to build over a series of steps and processes of development and creation.

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