We Know We Need To Change, The Question is HOW? – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 547


Today I read an interesting article about a campaign started by Bay Area chapter of 350.org, an organization focused on developing awareness, initiatives and grassroots campaigns around climate crisis as one of the critical issue in today’s world.

The particular campaign I read about takes place in California where the initiative is to include warning labels on gas pumps that read:

“Warning: The state of California has determined that global warming caused by greenhouse gases poses a serious threat to the economic well-being, public health, natural resources and the environment of California.”

 The article cites group member Jamie Brooks explaining that the warnings could help drive home the connection between everyday actions and their long-term effect on the planet.

“The goal isn’t to take transportation away from people and say, ‘You’re a bad person,’” he added. “The goal is to create a signal saying, ‘You need to change your behavior.’”

So what I want to do here is expand a bit on this ‘goal’ to simply signal to people that they require to change their behavior and particularly in this case to change their behavior about gas consumption.

One point that I noticed within this initiative is that it could potentially create a point of friction within the intended target instead of creating a point of awareness.

One point where I see this point of friction coming up is in relation to how our behavior within the System is largely driven by the System from the perspective where you have certain undesirable behaviors such as overconsumption existing within the System in such a way where it has become a literal point of Survival within the system and so “doing the right thing” in a way has become not an option for many.

Our current System is based on consumerism, competition, and greed and this is not only impulsed from every side but has literally become part of the fabric and structure of everyday life where it is no longer “a simple decision” so to speak to just “change ones behavior” because such behaviors are demanded by the System in order for an individual to survive and put food on the table where you have individuals all the time doing things that they do not necessarily want to do but that are impelled to do because through generations we have accepted and allowed ourselves to participate with the creation of a System that is in fact based on Self Interest, Greed, Corruption, Competition, ect, and so now the the conditions that we have created for ourselves are literally conditions of compromise and destructive consequences.

I have found that it is normally more supportive when for instance someone gives me an example or practical way for me to do something that they might be suggesting. It does not matter how loud one shout or how many times they repeat the same demands that if there is not a practical know-how included it could make it very difficult to execute and could actually just create more friction and conflict because then one wants to change but really has no idea how to do that because all that was indicated is that “one must change” but no practical guideline was given and so one is kind of left to ones own devises to try and figure it out instead of there being a practical support point to facilitate the execution of some instruction that was placed.

For instance it could be more practical if there was an ‘alternative’ available. Our entire world has been created using oil as the driving resource and so one cannot simply decide one day to stop using this resource, particularly if everyone decided this. Our System would collapse and come to a grinding halt.

Perhaps if there was an alternative point one could utilize to still support oneself within the context of their survival within the system when one stop using gas or cut back on gasoline consumption that this would actually facilitate people to actually “change their behavior”

but without this alternative course of action to take, the point that would come up is a point of friction because yes one realize they must change but is kind of left with no actual choice in the matter

the problem is that these behaviors are so integrated into our lives that we will require practical solutions to actually moving ourselves from our abusive behaviors into more practical and manageable and sustainable initiatives that is actually harmonious with the planet earth and co-existence.

So yes, it is clear at this stage that the way we function in our behaviors as society is often harmful and unsustainable and that we require Solutions. We require a System that no more function within designs modeled on principles and maxims of self interest and competition and every man for themselves. We require to change the fundamental functioning of our management system so that for instance profit does not take precident over for instance developing different energy solutions so that we can stop over consuming the natural resoruces of earth purely for profit. Technology could have been created by now and likely already exist where we likely don’t even require to use gasoline to power our 9 to 5 daily grind for money.

One place where we suggest to investigate in terms of developing a Solution for our overconsumptive ways is a Guaranteed Income to All citizens on earth.

Right now you have our Money System driving our entire existence and driving our compromising behaviors and so this is  imperative that this be re-designed into a System that would change the conditions and so thus facilitate the ability for us to change our behaviors.

For more information on this please investigate the “Living Income Guarantee” proposed by the Equal Life Foundation. This proposal is one of many different initiatives from this group to actually re-design a way for us as humanity to correct our compromising behaviors. We have realized that it is not enough to simply demand change but that there must be a practical step by step plan to actually create and manifest this change.

You can find more information on the LIG website.

So this initiative may have had good intentions and I can actually agree that it might do just what it is intended to do which is to drive home the connection of every-day actions and the long terms affects on the planet but one point that it does miss out on is on outlining an actual Solution for Change. What I find is that many are aware that we are Destroying our Planet, but the problem is we simply do not understand in detail how this ‘connection’ of our daily actions and the affects it has on the planet actually work. Often we understand that driving our SUV to the corner store for a pack of smokes is not the best way to support life but this is normally as far as our understanding goes. We know its bad, yes, but what must be done now is that we really investigate how and why things have gotten to be this, way.  So this does also imply our own Self Responsibility within this to actually develop this understanding within ourselves of how things actually work. There is allot information out there at our finger tips which we never really bother to utilize.

I would also suggest investigating the Journey To Life Blogs that many individuals have started as a commitment to actually understand how things/themselves is actually functioning in this world so that we can assist and support ourselves into actually creating practical Solutions as alternatives to our current way of life so to create a Sustainable existence that is Best for ALL.

So overall – We all know we need to change our behavior but the real question is how do we  practically do this – To find out how I suggest investigating the links previously highlighted as well as to investigate the research being done by the Equal Life Foundation

Living Income Guaranteed – An Economic Solution for a Failing Capitalism
DIP Lite – Free Online Course to get you started with learning the Tools of Self Support
DIP PRO -A Desteni Course for those Ready to Walk the Journey of a Lifetime
desteni.org – Participate in Forums or Search the Vast Desteni Material
eqafe.com – Invest in a wide range of Interviews and Support yourself to Self Perfection
Equal Life Foundation – Facebook Stream for Unfolding Events and Solutions.
Creations Journey To Life 7 Year Process Blogs
Heavens Journey To Life 7 Year Process Blogs.



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