This Experience Inside Me Is Too Distracting – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 545

One of the points that I became aware of in terms of walking the process of Taking Responsibility for oneself and becoming a Self Directive Being is the point of not accepting and allowing external influences to direct and distract Self within ones application but to rather assist and support self to develop a Self Standing that is HERE, constant, and stable no matter what the situation, context, scenario.

Though one thing that I have found is that my application of myself actually change quite a bit when I enter into the context of ‘relationship’ where when I have another being in my environment whom I am now interacting with within the context of relationship.

What I have found is that within this, I have accepted and allowed this to influence my Self Direction within my application that I have set out for myself.

Specifically I have noticed that I have an energy experience come up within myself that is quite overwhelming where my attention becomes now diverting onto this other being/relationship point in a way where I end up ignoring or putting off walking the Responsibilities and Tasks that I had established for myself in terms of walking my process of Taking Responsibility for myself and becoming a Self Directive being.

So basically what I am noticing, seeing is how I am still here accepting and allowing myself to be influenced by an energetic experience in a way where I have accepted and allowed this energy experience ultimately to take me over where I will ‘not bother’ with my responsibilities anymore because “I am too distracted” by this other point that is in my environment, which is the ‘relationship point’ but more specifically is the energetic experience that comes up within me in relation to this point where this energetic experience become quite pronounced within in a way where I have not yet assisted and supported myself to stabilize myself and remain standing within my Self Directive principle when facing this particular energetic reaction.

And so it is showing here still how I am still giving priority to this particular point of relationship instead of really Standing within and as myself within the principle of walking what is best for all no matter what.

I noticed this also in the past where I noticed how when this point entered into my reality that I become less effective in my process and in directing my responsibilities and now I am noticing it here again.

And so the point I see I must work on and develop is to simply push and move myself to Direct myself within my Daily Responsibilities that I have determined within the principle of doing what is best for all.

I mean it really come down to self interest and for instance the self interest of having the particular experiences and play-outs associated with being in a relationship where these are still held as more important than the needs and interest of the whole/ALL.

So yes, this is a point I see, realize and understand that I must support myself to Correct so that I Stand Stable no matter what , and no matter what, I always walk, stand, and direct myself within and as the principle of what is best for all, and not give up this stand to go into my self interest and attainment of personal energy experiences such as one of the more primary and powerful experiences I am sure many can relate to which is the experiences  within and around the point of relationship which can if one accept and allow,  become quite consuming.

So that is the main point that I noticed within my day today as the primary point that I require to stabilize and align so that I stop accepting and allowing myself to just give into this particular energy experience and in this give up on my Self Responsibilities that I have established for myself. But to rather Direct me to stick to my Application of walking, living within the context of what is best for all.


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