Moving Myself Into Writing and Blogging – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 541


Today I have been having a bit of a block in relation to writing my blog. A point that I am seeing within me in relation to this is that “there is nothing here to write”.

I have found over my last few blogs I have not been satisfied with them because they seemed to general where I experienced the same point of “there is nothing here to write”

For me a point that I have taken on within walking my 7 Year Journey To Life Blogs is to push myself to write everyday regardless of if there is a point here or not. Mostly because I have found I cannot trust this point of saying to myself or thinking that “there is nothing here to write about”.

Another point that I have started to do today is doing some research on Nationalization, this is also a new point and I was also having a kind of ‘block’ in relation to this, though mostly it was like there was this ‘inner battle’ going on within me of ‘which point do I do first’.

Deciding to walk the point of participating in doing some research on Nationalization is a point I have decided to do for really 2 reasons. Firstly to to educate myself on how our World System is currently functioning and to find examples of different economic models and strategies that are effective in actually providing a point of Stability for its citizens. Nationalization is a point we are looking at within the proposal of the “Living Income Guarantee” where a countries resources would be nationalized and thus the profits would go directly to the citizens who live in the country where the resources actually come from.

For me I was not really raised in an environment where economic theory or awareness was really part of the dinner conversation and so it is a point that I actually have to learn deliberately now later in life. I am interested in this type of research so to actually see how our current system is really functioning and to investigate and develop ways in how to take what we have now as our current system and to practically step by step transition this into a more effective system that actually create a point of stability within this world.

The second reason for me deciding to take on this point is simply because I want to participate. I mean, I would have perhaps volunteered my time to any new project that presented itself and so when this project came up I decided to allocate some of my time to this task.

So overall this point has a few different dimensions in terms of how it will/can support.

Ok so that is blog for today.

So my insight for today? – well, that perhaps I could have written this blog 3 hours ago instead of spending 3 hours exiting in this form of anxiety/slight discomfort that came up within me today in relation to the point of “I will not get my blog done”. My experience didn’t really change in terms of getting better and then as a result I could now focus on my blog. It really just stayed the same until I decided to sit down and open the document,breathe and write, and walk myself through that initial experience/belief of “there is nothing to write about.

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