Getting ALL Humanity on the Same Page – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 540


Today at work I was listening to the ‘Soul of Money’ interviews that you can find on Eqafe. One of the interesting points the interviews opened up is the point of how as humanity are actually unable to work together and are actually more in a point of conflict and friction and so how do we expect to come together as a humanity and for instance stop poverty or stop war if we unable to actually work together.

I remember one of my first introductions into the system was when I was working for a company and I was required to phone a few other companies to order more inventory for the coming week. I had really never done anything like this before so was a bit nervous but was also motivated to take on the new responsibilities.

I called the first company and ordered the supplies we needed. Unfortunately I missed the cut off by one day so my order would not be shipped out until the following week. It was their general rule of thumb that all orders had to be placed by Tuesday of each week.

I called the second company to finish ordering the remaining supplies only with this company it was their general rule of thumb that one had to call before noon each day otherwise they would not take your order, and that they shipped out every 2 days. So unfortunately I had called after noon so had to wait to until the next day to place the order.

One of these companies would tell you if they had everything in stock or not and the other company did not tell you.

I realized a very strange thing that day because even if I looked at how our company was working at the time we also had our own “general rules of thumb” Essentially what I found is that each company was operating on an entirely different system each with their own “general rules of thumb” and none of them aligned. I immediately saw this point of how the system is like functioning like this crazy network of sorts like bumper cars where you have the general system but then every one ultimately going every which way crashing and bumping into each other. So What we have is like each individual  essentially creating their own system, there own beliefs, their own ideas of how they think things should work and then implementing that and living it and now what you have is every body going into friction and conflict as they attempt to assert there ideas, and beliefs into the world that iscompletely mis-aligned from everyone else’s. And this creates friction because we are on this planet with 10 billion people, each one living by a different guideline. No wonder this planet is a mess.

And so this was a point that was opened up today in the ‘Soul of Money’ Inteviews on EQAFE.

How all individuals are in a way just trying to live out there own purpose with no regard for others or no common principles guiding anything but you have a life, a humanity where it is literally every man and women for themselves.

What we are busy doing with the Desteni Process, The 7 year Journey To Life Blogs, the DIP, the Living Income Guarantee, and the other various points within Desteni is that we are busy aligning ourselves to stand TOGETHER as a Group, so that we all speak the same language and walk the same walk as a point of Equalizing ourselves within common principles so that we can in fact WORK TOGETHER to Stand within and as a point of actually assisting and supporting ourselves to find solution to a crumbling world system.

Living Income Guaranteed – An Economic Solution for a Failing Capitalism
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Heavens Journey To Life 7 Year Process Blogs.


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