Populating My Reality With Reactions – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 539



I have been focusing on my job lately in terms of assisting and supporting myself to stop my reactions in relation to work. For a while I was noticing that my experience in relation to my job was becoming increasingly more reactive so over the past few days, I have been more just focusing on this one point in terms of seeing if I can actually stabilize myself in relation to my job.

Today, was different because today I was doing studio work which is more physical and ‘hands on’ vs the last few days and so there was a myriad of other points that opened up today in terms of seeing different reactionpoints coming up.

I was quite stable yesterday after applying some SF on a some points in relation to the reactions that I was having at work but today there is reactions again which is cool because that is simply presenting to me the points I require to apply SF on.

It is interesting to observe the reactions that come up at work and that in a way culminate into this point of “I don’t want to go to work” or “this is never going to work” or arriving at a decision to leave the position because for instance “It’s not working”.

Within this, I have never yet really taken on this point from the starting point of actually stopping ALL reactions so there is no movement within me when I go to work.

So basically today the main point is that when I went to work, I noticed an entire new dimension of points, reaction, blame coming up based on the specific tasks that I was doing.

My job is more split into different parts and for the last few days I was functioning in only one of those parts and so was working with the reactions that was coming up there, but then today I was working in a different part within the job and so it was like all these reactions came up in relation to this specific part I was doing today, which goes to show the various layers of points which we accept and allow within ourselves in relation to the different parts of our realities.

So I am going to continue working with this point and assisting and supporting myself to stabilize myself within walking this point of my current job so to within this, really push myself to see if I can in fact be more than I have accepted and allowed myself to be thus far.

I mean, it is not really about my Job per se. It is about my reality, my current reality within which I am existing at the moment. That is the point I am supporting myself to stabilize and that this reality is made up if different points and those different points are made up of different points all of which are consisting of various reactions that I have accepted and allowed myself to create and so it is to stabilize each part and point of my reality.

Before I go, I just want to note this one point that came up as I was writing my title for this blog. The point is this. What I see is that I have essentially allowed myself to go into reactions at work and I did nothing about this, I simply reacted and that was that, and then from there the reaction would compound again each time I went into the same or similar point again. So now its like I enter into an arena that I have populated with reactions simply because I was not effectively supporting myself to stop my reactions and apply Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Application to really stabilize my reality and so now its like I have these various parts of my reality/world that i have populated with reactions and that I now must walk into and and face apply Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Application on the multi-faceted reactions that I have constructed through time within my reality.

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