Judgements Overthrowing Common Sense – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 535


This last week, I had gone into a reaction towards my entire reality which I see also is the same as going into reaction towards myself really. So it was like a ‘protest’ – ‘Occupy My Bedroom’. I can see instances in my past where I have done this. Where I have went into this form of protesting or having a tantrum.

During that time, I stopped supporting myself and instead participated in a way that was not supportive.

This has come up a few times since I started walking the process of taking on the mind where I have reached points of just wanting to give up because it seems like nothing is working and so then would kind of throw my arms in the air and give up.  And then just want to go into Self Destruction mode taking everything around me down with me.

I still must walk through all the points in writing to assist myself to really understand this entire play-out in detail and understand why I would accept and allow myself to go into such a point. I am still in the process of now writing this point out for myself and then going into the Self Forgiveness Process.

During my ‘Protest’ I could see that there was like this projecting my frustration out onto others and things around me in my environment and I noticed that my participation actually became a detriment to others lives as well as my own because I was no more looking for solutions to support myself or others but had moved into a point of now being in conflict with or opposition towards myself and towards others.

Its kind of like what happens in this world where you have protests in opposition towards what is here as the systems and governments at large instead of working to find solutions for what is here by working with what is here as a starting point instead of trying to just totally destroy it.

I mean, I realize that this individual protest I went on is not a Solution because then instead of working with the Systems that are currently here that make up my world and that is currently my support system of my life like for instance my job, or where I live, or transportation or even friends and family, I went into attacking and blaming them. And that only makes things worse. If I am frustrated for instance because one of those particular systems is not working in a way I would like, attacking that system or becoming a detriment to that system will not make things better but only actually worse. So Rather, I see the Solution is to work with the Systems that are here in a Supportive way to find Solutions.

So from here it is simply a point of continuing with my Self Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self Correction around this point to remove the judgement that I have allowed myself to accumulate within me that eventually overthrew my common sense.

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