How To Determine the REAL Value of a Product – An Artists Journey To Life” Day 531


An interesting point that I have noticed recently is the how the price of a product actually influence the way I feel about it, where this feeling is not actually based on a practical point per-se that would make the product superior than another but is rather based on instead -simply the price.

The location where I am now living I have observed has overall higher food costs.

In the previous locations where I had lived the costs were lower and so I could buy my basic foods at a much lower cost. But what I noticed is that as a result of this I was in a way taking the food I was eating for granted.

When I moved and the food costs for exactly the same products were more, it meant that I now could now only afford so much of that item and in some instances I even had to omit some items out that I normally had access to.

Initially I was frustrated by this, but then I began to notice an interesting thing. I began to appreciate my food more. I would now covet my green pepper, the least expensive of the 3 colored peppers where before I would be disappointed with just the ‘regular ol’ green’ where Id want the luxurious red or orange pepper.

I also found I would waste less of the food I have, and I would be more grateful and even enjoy more the food I ate or drank that normally would just be part of my normal diet at the regular price I always had it for.

So this is quite a strange phenomenon because nothing about the product has actually changed. I mean one must question even the ‘enjoyment’ I was ‘experiencing’

So my insight about myself.

I am still influenced by ‘Advertising’ where I still perceive ‘value’ based on ‘monetary value’. I mean money is a form of advertising to entice the buyer to perceive the product as ‘valuable’

I can see that this entire point is based on existing in a world where the real value of food which is based on its relationship to being an actual point of life is not seen, understood or realized. As a result of being raised and essentially programmed in a consumer culture, I now respond and direct myself according to programming oriented around an ‘artificial value’ that we as society have juxtaposed over the actual Value of Life where to human beings, Money is an actual measure of value to the degree where we’d go so far as pillaging the earth of its resources causing permanent damage all of in the name of profit.

Also entwined in this artificial value system is human to human relationships where the primary rule of interaction is based on money instead of actually getting to know an individual.

This artificial value system that we have implemented and programmed into ourselves as life must be changed, and we must establish a new value system so that for instance I/one respect and honor every bit of any food I/one might be consuming and to thus stop having this be contingent on apparent value perceived  based on how much money it cost to buy. I mean food is a part of the earth, Food keeps the body alive, so it’s strange how I would not recognize or exist in awareness of the inherent and substantial value of such a point until a monetary and thus artificial value is placed on it.

One group that is really taking on this point of walking the process of re-establishing the Real Value of things so that this Value is Aligned with a more Substantial Relationship with Life is the Equal Life Foundation who among many initiatives is proposing a ‘Living Income Guarantee’ as an Economic Model to support the re-programming of ourselves as human beings from consumers who only recognize “Value” in a dollar sign, to Supporters of Life who realize the Real Value of Life within a point of Equality where ALL life is created and is thus Equal.

For more information on the Living Income Guarantee Proposal please visit –


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