Standing Equal to Everyday – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 529

One point that I have been looking at the past few days is the point of actually ‘Living’ during my days instead of going into a point of resisting my world.

In my last blog I was opening up this point of how I have been existing in a kind of resistance to my life where instead of embracing what Is here as my current life and working with that, that instead, I realized, I was actually resisting the various aspects of my life, where I was more ‘pushing away’ my reality, instead of engaging with it or embracing it.

So over the last couple days, I have been supporting myself with transforming this ‘resistance’ into an ‘embracing’ of what is here.

So what does this actually mean?

Well, initially, I simply looked at “how do I spend my time” and am I really utilizing each day as an opportunity to develop myself/my life into an effective expression where the obvious answer was ‘no’ so then the question is, Ok how do I do this.

So starting to see how I was approaching my reality from the starting point of ‘resisting it’ and to then change this starting point to rather ‘embracing’ my reality has been cool to implement the past few days. Taking this approach has supported me in stopping with the building up of excuses and justifications for “why my reality is not working” or “why there is nothing I can do about it” where these excuses became predominant in my life of existing in resistance towards my reality. Over the past few days, I experienced myself more stable within walking within my reality, with less inner chatter, and inner fighting. Overall I have been more stable, and calm in relation to this particular point.

So over the past few days, I more took the approach of looking for and exploring ways that I am able to use my current reality to support me given the circumstances that It currently exist. I also saw within this, that this would require me to actually apply myself effectively within my reality, and actually ENGAGE it to see what I can find and develop.

Obviously nothing will ever happen in my life if I am in constant battle with it , where its like me ‘against’ my life. Where my life became like an enemy I must defeat or escape from.

So this last few days has been long day’s at work so I simply took that opportunity to walk the point as effectively as possible instead of fighting with that. Because what I noticed about myself is that I would often fight with what was going on in my reality and this caused allot of frustration within me. So I pushed myself the past few days to simply embrace the day’s tasks and realize that each day is in fact an opportunity to live and explore how to direct myself effectively within the context of my reality.

I see that I Must Stand EQUAL to my Reality in terms of how it is currently existing if I expect to empower myself within it and become more effectively Self Directive within it.

I see that I was not even doing this previously. I was not even at the point of standing Equal to my reality. I rather was unwilling to participate within my currently reality in a way that I am capable where I place my total attention/self into what is here and really see how I am able to move myself within my reality. I mean, it does not even matter how great an opportunity might be that could open up, if I am not able to really give it my all, so to speak, that any opportunity that might open up would never be realized to its full potential anyways, or even remotely at all for that matter.

I realize that this point of embracing my everyday must be walked with consistency to really establish this point as an actual correction of my living application. So I will continue to assist and support myself approaching my reality in this way, and exploring how to stop fighting with my reality and to rather embrace this reality, to embrace what is here and stop judging it and see what is possible with what I have, with what is here as my current reality.


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