Humanities Collective Suicide – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 530



“Consumed by the Idea of Yourself”


The basic Idea behind this drawing is the point of how one essentially consumes oneself through by participating within the mind, though this can be looked at through a few different lenses.

 This piece is based on the research I have done with Desteni over the past 5 years, drawing from my own experiences of my journey in walking my process of taking responsibility for myself as a life form, which implies an absolute understanding of who one actually is and how one is functioning and thus as part of this process the understanding of ones mind, thoughts, feelings, emotions, in terms of developing one’s total Self Awareness and establishing oneself as a Self Aware and Self Directive Being.

 Sometimes I will have an idea that will exist within me for many years before I draw it.

 This idea actually emerged 4 years ago (2009) while I was staying on the desteni farm. I was busy with a project of creating a deck of tarot cards and one evening before dinner I sat down with Bernard and went over some ideas in terms of how to actually illustrate the words that was going to be used for the project. So we went over the entire list of about 60 words in about 60 to 90 minutes where Id say the word and Bernard would give a brief description of an image where from there Id take his words as a guideline and start the process of bringing the image/what I see into formation.

His descriptions were quick and to the point, sometimes being only one sentence, others were a little more described.

 One of the images he described was the image of a man getting the life sucked out of him where there was like a bunch of different cords attached to him and literally sucking the life out of him in terms of how this is what we are actually doing to ourselves at the moment in this world with all the distractions of media and entertainment where we are constantly “plugged in” so to speak to literally numerous devices at a single time.

 So that is where initially this image was born.

 I did a small sketch during that time but that is as far as that went, though I always liked how that sketch turned out and in a way I have worked with that theme ever since of the idea of how we are literally sucking the life out of ourselves though by how we are always constantly so focused in our minds/mental reality and completely neglecting or unaware of our actual physical reality as our human physical body.

 I mean you can really extend this simple concept quite far in terms of even looking at the planet earth as the ultimate physically body that we are Destroying and Sucking the life out of which is an act of absolute neglect and in a way lack of awareness towards the Earth we live on.

 I mean how is it even possible that we are actually Killing the thing that is providing us with the sustenance to live. How come we do not feel this, or are aware of this in a way where we’d stop. The fact that we continue on this mission of sucking the resources as the life force out of the earth in an unsustainable way is startling. It is a form of suicide really.  A Slow and Steady Suicide. Fascinating really that this is what humans have become where we are all collectively committing are own suicide.

 In any case – In the drawing I added the pumping oil rig sucking the resources out of the physical to illustrate this process of sucking the life/resources out of the physical/body/earth, to feed the Mind, to Feed the fabricated, energetic, holographic reality of the mind that has become the primary reality within which human beings exist, and because of this, the Human Physical Body/Physical Earth gets completely ignored.

 I also depicted this individual in the drawing kind of slouched over, and exhausted. Almost like a zombie of sorts, slogging along, zoned out, pre-occupied, decrepit, and in this case, staring at his phone. The Phone is like the mobile mind. A point which is used to fuel our distraction, and the programming of our consciousness, our mental holographic reality that has become the utmost importance to us.

 I also wanted to bring through the point of what it is exactly that has grasped our life attention so desperately. From my perspective in terms of my own experience I noticed how one of the primary points I am preoccupying myself with within my mind is like this alternate version of myself. This alternate version of myself that is nothing like the current version of myself. I have found its like its this alternate version of ourselves that “keeps us going”. That ‘we could be better’ or someday attain this “perfect self” that we have created within our minds, and that we constantly continue to develop, feed, program and essentially believe is who we are.

This idea pre-occupies and at the same time consumes us, it is like we are eating ourselves alive where the physical becomes the point we harvest to sustain the idea of ourselves in our mind that is the illusion/

 And so in the top section of the drawing I depicted this Perfect Personality of Self. Where Self is like this immaculate expression. I mean the mind is just like photoshop where one can create this illusion of ‘perfection’ in a way. Or the minds version of perfection I guess you could say. Do you not find that when you think about something in the mind, like some project or task that you have to do that it always seems easier in a way, but when it comes to the actual doing/physical walking of the point it is a different story. And so in this way the minds version/idea of perfection is not actually real perfection.

 And so in my drawing I explored this point as well, to bring through that “perfect personality” of self that one create within their own mind, that actually gets ALL the attention where the REAL SELF gets ignored and essentially left as the resource that provide the substance to fuel the projected holographic reality of the mind that only exist in ones mind.

 And so the point here with this drawing is to show how we are literally killing ourselves, and sucking the life out of our Real Selves as the Physical, to fuel the fake self as the mind, as the mental reality, and so this process that I am walking as my Journey of Life is to return myself back to HERE as my Human Physical Body. So that my attention is here and not distributed and channeled into some alternate holographic delusional idea of oneself and reality that exist only the mind but has no actual practical relationship with what actually exist on earth for real.

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One thought on “Humanities Collective Suicide – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 530

  1. Thank you Andrew. Very cool depiction of how we allow our mind to suck the life out of our body… It is sooo easy to get caught up in this “idea” we have of of ourselves and spend our time day-dreaming and fantasizing about this perfect self that lives in this alternate reality that ONLY exists in our own minds…

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