Trying to Stop Time – An Artists Journey to Life: Day 528

Yesterday after I had finished my blog I was not satisfied with the clarity of the point I had written out. So afterwards I sat down and wrote the point out in my notebook. I will often write in my notebook as well as on the computer and find that to actually sit down and write with the pen on paper assists me to really slow down and articulate myself more specifically. So the following is a clarification/specification on the point I wrote out in yesterdays blog.

This is the excerpt from my notebook

…So I am continuing with this point I am seeing in my reality. The point of how I am accepting and allowing myself to resist my reality. One aspect I can see here is that this resistance is being triggered based on a projection of “how things are going to go”. I see that I have formed an image in my mind where basically I am looking at the next few days within my mind and then going into resistance over it. I am seeing flashes of myself at work, and I am seeing flashes of myself at the worksite and overall going into a resistance point towards these projected “future events”.

What is also interesting which I have noticed before, is that I am actually wanting “time to stop” where I experience this point within me of not wanting these points/events in my life to unfold and so here I am actually resisting my reality. Reluctantly inching forwards like I am ‘walking the plank’, having to literally push forwards when within myself I am fighting this, I am trying to fight against this unfolding of reality, and wishing it would just stop.

What this is showing/revealing is that I am in no way approaching my reality and life in a way that would be conducive to actually optimizing my functionality.

My total statement I am making is  “no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no…”

I see here that this is simply not an effective way to really approach my reality or not an effective way for me to exist as, as my general ‘attitude’ towards my life

I am really not embracing my reality/Life at the moment.

I see that I am actually in judgement of it, towards it, And that I am blaming it. I am blaming it as if there is a problem with it. I am in judgement of it. I am defining it as a limitation that is to blame for my feeling restricted, stuck, claustrophobic.

I will continue opening up this point and looking at solutions for aligning myself within an approach towards my reality that is actually supportive for myself in relation to my day to day living.

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