Judging the Different Personalities of Self – An Artists Journey to Life: Day 525

Today I was listening to an Eqafe interview at work. I have been doing this regularly now for the past couple weeks where I will bring in a few interviews to listen to as a work.

I have been listening to the Reptilian Series and it has been really cool in terms of providing some ‘pointers’ to utilize within my process of Self Forgiveness.

A point that was discussed today was related to how within our process of “Stopping The Mind” that there is a tendency to want to fight with the mind or to fight with the different personalities/characters of Self that one has created and that one now exist as.

When I looked at my own process, I see how I have so much fought with myself within my process of Self Forgiveness, like fighting against these parts of myself that I see, realize, and understand do not support life.

So the point that came through for me today in listening to the interviews is that it does not work to fight with the mind, and in essence I see that within this ‘fighting’ approach that there is actually a judgement towards myself, towards my mind, towards the Characters/Personalities that I have created as myself.

So it is like fighting and judging has become my starting point for applying Self Forgiveness. Where my Inner Characters and Personalities I have constructed throughout my lifetime have become like badly behaved children that I try and suppress or send to their room “because they are bad” and what started coming through today is that point that these personalities are in fact me and so to rather approach me with common sense instead of an iron fist. To rather when approaching these points/characters/personalities to do this from the starting point of  Embracing them and applying Self Forgiveness instead of judging them and fighting.


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