What Is It We Are Really Missing Out On? – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 523


I noticed an interesting point today. I was looking at the point of ‘feeling like your missing out’ or that feeling of ‘loss’ like ‘something has been taken away from you’, or that ‘you don’t get to experience’.

The point that came up within me was “what about my human physical body?” or “What about Self”

Self is always Here.

Yet it is interesting that we spend such little time on developing that Self Relationship and really getting to know the Universe of ourselves in detail.

I also looked at the Human Physical Body, from the perspective of how little I actually know about it. The process that I am walking is the process of walking out of the mind and the mental reality that I have formed and established as my primary reality and walking myself into and as my Human Physical Body, and essentially for the first time really getting to know myself within this context, within the context of living here in the Physical. To me that point is still somewhat abstract even though I have been busy walking this process of the past 6 years. Yet my human physical body remain quite a mystery to me. And so then I must ask myself “Where am I really missing out” because yes, I will have these experiences coming up within myself  of “feeling like I am missing out on something” yet there is like this entire universe that is not only my human physical body, but that is also MYSELF that is just sitting here – right HERE in front of me to which I have paid little attention to.

So this is more a reminder for myself to when ever I have that experience of “feeling like I am missing out” to Take a BREATH, and realize how many breaths each day I take that goes unnoticed where I am walking throughout my day ‘up in my head’ thinking about something and missing what is here in the moment where really there is little to no attention on Myself HERE in and as my Human Physical Body.

In walking with Desteni this past 6 years, I have seen a glimpse of “what’s possible” almost like kind of encouragement to really push oneself to turn ones attention to Self and to the point of really getting out of the mind and into the Physical and to Develop the point of SELF within the context of really Stopping what we have accepted and allowed as the current versions of ourselves that to me is really just a fraction of what we are capable of being.

And so this is a reminder for me to Take a Breath and Align myself and my attention to HERE…I mean what is the difference between my self and my attention. I mean what the fuck is “my attention”. Have you ever noticed your attention can “go places” it can like leap and bound around. I mean that is how I experience “my attention” I can place it on the cup across the room, then even now onto my hearing and listening to something, then I can move it into the tips of my fingers as I type, and I can move it throughout my human physical body, I can place my attention the pain in my arm, and now onto the image of a face in my mind of someone I know. So ones attention is actually quite interesting. It like “defies space and time” in a way.

I see “my attention” as a dimension of ‘myself’ but I also see my human physical body as me as well. So I see I have various dimensions of myself though I notice in my writing I more tend to focus on “myself” and “my attention” as 2 of the more prominent ways I refer to myself as. But anyways, back to the focal point of this blog entry which is

There is more to Self than meets the eye that we have missed out on by not paying attention to ourselves on a fundamental level of Self Investigation, but instead have missed because we have been too distracted by “feeling like we are missing out” on something ‘out there’ in some ‘external point’ all the while missing the fact that there is much HERE with us in every moment that we are not yet aware of, so thus that in my eyes is where we are really missing out and have thus if we feel we are ‘missing out’ then we have actually missed the point! The point being SELF That is HERE in every breath that we haven’t really bothered to give our attention to.


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