Your Life is Not Your Own – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 517

So today I have been quite lethargic throughout the day. I see that this is actually related to the numerous reactions that I was having come up today in relation to some points in my reality. What I see is that I actually went into a point of suppression from the perspective of reacting to the points that was coming up and thus in turn I became lethargic as a way to “try and avoid it”. The point I am facing today Is related to work where I have been looking at the point of getting a second job. Man, I have so many reactions to this, the primary reaction being Anger, and one of the reason why I see this is because “I like my time to much”. So I see how this point has developed within me throughout my life of actually believing my life is my own and that “I can do what ever I want”. It wasn’t until later in life in my mid to late 20’s that I was introduced to this concept of in fact Living from the Starting Point of What is Best For ALL, not just what is best for Self. So within this context, I can see that my reaction to “not wanting to get a second job” was more based on my pre-programmed self of and as Self Interest, instead of assisting and supporting myself to become a more substantial human being and doing what must be done within the context of our world at the moment and the problems we are facing within this world. There are sooooooo many individuals on this planet who do not have a choice about their life all. They do not have the luxury to “chose what job they want” or even “to have a job”. I have created so many ideas, and perceptions about jobs and in this have allowed my Self Interest to influence and direct me within this point instead of using practical common sense as my guideline and thus, doing what is Best for ALL. There are individuals who would be so grateful to have my life and live in my shoes. Individuals who were born into conditions of suffering.

I realize that that If all beings on earth realized and lived this point of “your life is not your own” and rather aligned themselves to always live and do what is best for all no matter what, war would end, poverty would end, and so I see that this is my responsibility to first assist and support myself with giving up “my life” “my wants” and “my desires” and to assist and support myself to align myself with the Interest of ALL and actually Direct myself within the principle of  what is best for all, no more accepting and allowing myself to hold onto “what I want” when so many millions suffer who have no choice where they would kill to have my position. They would kill to be able to stand where I stand and do what is best for all.

So I see that this “self interest” point is still influencing me in my practical decision making in my reality which I noticed coming up today quite prominently within the context of work/job/career, and so I see that I must assist and support myself to align myself and my will to be aligned with the will of what is best all and to assist and support myself through my process of writing, self forgiveness, and self correction to let go of my self interested wants, desires, needs, and to align myself with living in a way that best for all.

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