“Just Wanting To Explode” – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 516

Inner Explosion

Today, I noticed this point within me of “wanting to go into my mind and react” This “wanting to react” is in relation to a specific point in my reality where when ever I am faced with such a point I have accepted about myself as a  kind of “rule of thumb” that “its ok to react when it comes to dealing with this particular point”

Though what I see as a more effective solution is to not react, but to rather assist and support myself to remain stable and to when ever I feel like reacting or just wanting to go into reaction, to instead take a breath and bring my focus and attention of me out of that point of “wanting to react” and bring that focus and attention to my human physical body where I assist and support myself to Stabilize myself throughout this point that has emerged that I am now facing within my world.

I mean I noticed today that the point of “wanting to react” was here but that if I simply supported myself to remain in breath and instead of just allowing myself to go into the reaction to actually push myself to stabilize myself in breathing and just remain calm, that it did actually support where I experienced myself more stable within myself and less susceptible to more reactions that might take hold once I decide to let myself go into those first few reactions. So I can see how breathing and focusing on being Here with and as my Human Physical Body instead of going into the mind does support in my overall experience of myself.

S0 today at work I could see this point within me of “just wanting to react” where I have accepted this idea that “I react” when certain conditions are present instead of finding a different way to Direct Myself in my world so as to ensure that I am NOT reacting to any points but that I am instead assisting and supporting myself to assess the points with clarity, and with stability.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to exist within and as the point of “wanting to react” from the perspective of seeing this point of “wanting to react” as justified where this has simply always been the way I have handled myself when faced with the points that I am faced with at the moment and so here I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to remain stable within myself where I remain calm and here breathing as I walk through this point to assist and support myself to see the point with clarity as I direct myself to face this point within my reality, which when I react  I am no longer “seeing with clarity” but am rather caught up in a reaction and no more in a position of supporting myself to give me the best opportunity to direct my reality in the best way possible.

I commit myself to allow myself to remain stable as I face and walk through this point I am currently facing in my reality which I would normally just go into reaction  towards because that was my “default reaction” so to speak.

And so here, I commit myself to instead of just going into reacting “which is what I want to do”  to actually walk in Self Stability where I remember to breath and focus on my breath as a point of Stabilizing Myself in and as the Physical.

I realize that reacting does not make things easier, and does not support me in any way to Re-Program myself to face this Situation/Point/My Reality in an Effective Way. I Realize that to assist and support myself to Remain Stable, and Breathing is rather a more supportive way/application to assist me to transform how I handle such situations that normally, I would get to the point of just trying to SUPPRESS through by going into reaction.

I commit myself to transform myself in by walking from this point of experiencing myself “just wanting to react” into an application of remaining here in breath and Self Patience and Stability, I realize that this point of “wanting to react” is not an effective application and so here I commit myself to transform this “approach” to my reality into a new approach where I align myself out of the reactions of the mind and emotions and feelings, and to align myself into and as BREATH, and Hereness And Stability within and as my Human Physical Body and I simply slow myself down when ever I see this “wanting to react” coming up, and to continue practicing slowing down and applying breathing so to assist myself to bring forth a more stable and clear Position and Stance within and as myself so that I can give myself the most effective opportunity possible to see my reality with some clarity so that I can direct myself effectively within Solutions within the context of What Is Best For ALL,  a point that is not necessarily as possible when I am stuck in reactions and going into reactions within myself where when I do this there is no stability within myself and thus I am less effective at seeing my reality with some insight and practical common sense.

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