Immaculate Consumption – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 516

I Just finished watching a short video of “Black Friday scenes”, clips taken from various establishments throughout the US showing the mayhem and frenzy taking place in the unfolding of this Consumerist Event.

It is fascinating to see the GRIP that consumerism has taken in the minds of individuals who are now obsessed and possessed with consuming products to the degree where they will actually harm each other and themselves to do this.

This single day again highlight as so many days, and events throughout the year do, the distorted and dysfunctional Value System we have Constructed within ourselves.

How did it come to be this way?

Do we have nothing better to do then fight amongst ourselves for the latest gadget on the market?

Will that really make us happy? Is it our “Happiness” that is driving us to manifest such events?

Is is our Total Self Depression that is driving us to seek happiness that is driving us to manifest such events?

Are you Happy?

Are you Happy without your drug of choice? – TEST: Remove your drug of choice from your life and see if you are still happy.

So then this brings up the point of the actual experience we experience within ourselves in relation to the products we buy, and also the experience within ourselves when we are alone, when we have nothing, when we are simply here with ourselves and faced with just ourselves alone without some gadget to entertain or distract us.

Do you really Know yourself?

Why does society not promote self investigation in a way where Self Awareness is a point that is cultivated in our culture.

Are we as Humanity actually insane? –

So this is a problem. That we cannot actually exist with Stability for any length of time before we start to get agitated and antsy and must reach for our phone.

I have noticed this in my own life experience. Where its like the point of where I will be driven by my mind, by an experience of discomfort within me that arise if I am not occupying my attention with some form a media distraction.

Have you ever tried to sit still and do nothing for even for like 3 minutes? What I see happens is that the back-chat, the inner voices, the mind start coming up and kind of going into throwing a fit and urging you to do this or do that. The Consumer comes up within us and says FEED ME – And we Obey.

And we have listened to that voice, and not questioned it, nor have we even NOTICED It.

And this inner voice as the mind has taken control of ourselves where we now just follow the instructions of the mind as we live out our day. We follow the instructions, the urges, the suggestions, the desires, the directions, the pictures of the mind, even though these instructions have been programmed into us through media, television ect, with the interest of having us become good consumers, follow the rules, and do as your told, and accept this limited version of life and that “Human Nature Can Never Change”.

But the question must be asked – What are we doing Here on Earth? How have we as a Humanity allowed for such a point like “Black Friday” to manifest? This day really exemplify the distorted values that we have accepted and allowed ourselves as life to become.

The Ridiculousness of such points should be enough evidence to see what we as Humanity have REDUCED ourselves to.

We are DEVOLVING and it will take great effort to stop this Momentum of De-Evolution.

So Consumerism is Evolving and on the flip side, ‘Authentic Substantial Human Beings that Care for life’ is diminishing – We as Humanity must make a choice? Obviously it is clear what choice we have made and are busy making at the moment. The choice to become pure consumers, consuming ourselves and the planet until there is nothing left.

Here is a great documentary about the evolution of Consumerism. Showing how the theories of Sigmund Freud was used to advance the culture of consumerism.

For information on how to stop our consumption of ourselves and to actually practically support ourselves as humanity to actually become something we’d be proud to be, please research Desteni and also the Living Income Guaranteed. Also read the 7 year journey to life blogs embarked on by a group of individuals who have challenged themselves to actually do their part to create themselves and all life into something more than what we have accepted ourselves to be as the consumer zombies that we have become.


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