Postponing Direction With Inner Debate – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 512

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Today I was listening to the reptilian series on Eqafe and one of the points that was brought through was the point of “Immediate Direction”.

So I am going to share my understanding in relation to the points that was discussed in the interview.

In the Physical there is immediate direction, there is no delay. My heart does not think about beating, it simply does so. My cells don’t sit around and think about if they are going to do their job. My Physical Body is an organism that is existing within “Immediate Direction” all the time.

Now if I look at myself, I do not do this. I will procrastinate. I will prolong. By going into the mind and “thinking about something” instead of going into immediate self direction.

I realize that “thinking about something” is actually not really “thinking about something” it is actually procrastination.

When I am in my mind, I am not Directing and Expressing myself within and as the physical, I am within my mind in the process of thinking.

When I lived on the desteni farm, I remember watching beings who were really effective at this “Immediate Direction” point, where there was no hesitation, just immediate direction in all contexts no matter what. And while I was on the farm, I actually became much more effective within this point as well, where I would simply move and direct myself allot more effectively because I would not go into the “Inner debate process” where the inner debate process is more just for show, its not actually a real debate, its like Politics, it’s a way to avoid making a decision. Lets not actually make a decision, lets just debate and talk about it.

When I physically move, I am Expressing, when I ‘think about moving’ then I am not moving, I am essentially hesitating, I am suppressing.

So this is a point I must assist and support myself to become. This immediate direction, and to stop prolonging my responsibilities, and postponing facing myself and directing myself and my reality.

And to do this, I can utilize breathing to support myself to Align myself, my attention, my awareness to the Physical and Physical Expression and stop the “inner debate” that I have accepted and allowed to preclude my decision making where I could have simply Directed Myself in a single moment without going into the “inner debate”

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to exist as the inner debate instead of aligning myself to immediate self direction. I realize that “the inner debate” is who I have become as the mind, as consciousness, and is not a point of actual support for life as a physical expression/direction of self within the context of Self Support and Living in the best interest of ALL.

I commit myself to move myself out of the inner debate and into immediate physical self direction so to when and as I am faced with a moment of decision that I no more accept and allow myself to exist within and as the “inner debate” but to rather align myself to Immediate Physical Self Movement.

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4 thoughts on “Postponing Direction With Inner Debate – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 512

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  2. I’m really intrigued by the concept of Immediate Direction, however I feel, perhaps not about your specific situation but rather in general, as if a balance between Immediate Direction and contemplation would be healthiest. Doesn’t our mental orientation serve as the basis for our action? That is to say, doesn’t our mental orientation–beliefs, opinions, and what have you, or our values–determine at least to a significant extent the nature of our activity? I would be interested in hearing your thoughts! Anthony

    • Well, yes, from my perspective they do – but that is actually the problem. These ideas, belief systems, perceptions, ect is predominantly, if not absolutely based on Self Interest and so our actions would thus be oriented to Self Interest as well. A child do not require a belief system to move. A Child learns a complete language and even learns to physically walk and speak without having a religion or extensive belief system. And those are some pretty substantial accomplishments. So those points from my perspective are learned ‘Physically’ with no real ‘inner debate’ it is learned in the moment while doing. I do not disagree with ‘assessing a situation’ before directing oneself but what I find is often this becomes an excuse or justification that “oh I must think it over first” when already the solution is seen and understood within self quite immediately. So it is to thus clarify the point within oneself to ensure that the “inner debate” never becomes a point of inaction or excuse, or postponement or procrastination like it has become in this world. The point is to assist self to become the most effective they can be. That is what I am interested in. I have simply noticed that my “inner debate” is mostly just inner noise and that I see how it has become a “defence tactic” I use to postpone doing what I already know must be done. This is simply a point I have found for myself in my life. You must assess this point for yourself. I Mean the result of your assessment will be who you become, so I push myself to really make sure I am not bull-shitting myself because bull-shitting ourselves is how we got into this mess that we all find ourselves in. I know I have a tendency to bull-shit myself so I must remember this and really make a Self Honest Assessment of myself in how I function – At the end of the day it is me who have to live with myself, so if I fuck with myself then that is who I will be. Id simply rather not do that. – Thanks for the reply.

  3. Your own perspective–that our ideas, belief systems, perceptions, and the like, and therefore our actions are predominately if not absolutely based on self-interest–seems quite cynical in nature. Personally, I do believe a significant number of people are motivated by self-interest, however I also believe the majority are compelled or coerced into acting selfishly. It seems to me as if those of us who aren’t literally starving are effectively starved financially and therefore virtually forced to spend nearly all of our resources on securing our own survival and, if we can afford to, the survival of those closest to us. We are, nonetheless, complicit when it comes to maintaining the status quo.

    Aside from that, we can of course end up talking ourselves out of doing things. Acknowledging that you have a tendency to do so is great news because now you can begin addressing it. The point I’m trying to make, though, is that Inner Debate (or thinking or deliberation) isn’t necessarily your problem–rather, the problem is the nature of your thoughts. In other words, one needs to understand that thoughts, ideas, beliefs, opinions, and the like either enable or disenable said action; therefore, one should be focused on managing his mental orientation rather than ceasing or completely eradicating his thinking. Only when one masters the management of his mental orientation, his actions will become immediate, direct, or fluid. When one is holding onto conflicting ideas, action will indeed be stunted.

    Instead of procrastinating, I’ve noticed that a lot of people in today’s world act impulsively without much deliberation at all, which seems in many cases to be detrimental to various extents.

    Anyways, it seems you’re on a good path, and I’m glad to hear that!

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