Checking the Stats – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 500

Sports, in particular ice hockey has been a preoccupation in my life. Since I started aligning myself with walking the Desteni Process, one of the points that I have worked with is the point of ‘ice hockey’ particularly the relationship that I have formed to watching hockey.

I used to watch hockey all the time. I loved watching it. Another thing that I loved to do is to check all the statistics each night to see which teams won and basically following the story lines of the night.

When I starting aligning myself with walking process, I cut back on watching hockey particularly in relation to how I used to be so consumed by it.

Recently I have taken on the commitment of going 21 days without watching hockey, which specifically pertains to the habit I formed of checking the hockey statistics and highlights each night.

Watching hockey highlights and checking the statistics each night was simply a way to entertain myself but more particularly, to distract myself. Hockey stats was/is one of the ways that I have used to distract myself from my reality. Something that I can “get lost in”

Before I made the commitment to walking the 21 days of no hockey, I noticed that my pattern of looking up hockey stats and watching highlights become increasingly more distracting as I was doing this more and more, and also in a way resorting to this instead of directing myself to do something more productive and supportive. Checking hockey stats was like a “quick fix” that I would indulge in throughout my day and in a way automatically, that formed part of my living behavior that in essence simply prevented me from doing something more productive and supportive for myself because instead I was using that time to entertain myself with the latest evolving hockey statistics.

Tonight I noticed this point coming up within me of “just wanting to check out the stats” This habit of “Just wanting to quickly check out the stats” actually became quite a detrimental point because I would “go there” in moments when I faced a particular resistance or boredom within myself and so instead of facing that point of boredom or resistance, I would allow it to influence me through by going into the point of “checking the stats”. Its was like taking a detour! When ever I had a task that I had to do, instead of simply going straight to that task and directing it, I would take a detour, I would suddenly veer off the track and into the detour of “first checking all the stats” before I would get to work. And so I built this point of “checking the stats” into my living behavior that was a determent to my application because in this I was allowing myself to constantly and continuously take detours which is the same as avoiding or procrastinating.

So last week I made the commitment to stop watching hockey and checking the stats for 21 days.

In terms of describing a little more what this point of “checking the stats” became from me, it became a kind of ‘protection’ a ‘coping mechanism’ a ‘distraction’ a ‘detour’ an ‘escape’ an ‘addiction’ a ‘drug’ a ‘default action’. It really served no purpose in supporting me to become a better a person. So the decision to stop “checking the stats” for 21 days is to support myself to instead of “taking a detour” when I am faced with a point that I resist, or a moment where I must now Direct myself, to “instead of taking a detour” before I then eventually get back to the same decision, to rather simply support myself to Direct the Point straight away. I mean checking the stats was like taking a smoke break, particularly when it more becomes a reactive thing where what one should really be doing is getting down the point.

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