Stress Research – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 498


Today I am going to investigate Solutions for how to “get allot done” without going into my mind and end up becoming stressed out because “I have so much to do”.


I have actually noticed this point in my life about 5 or 6 years ago starting to emerge. Recently this point has been quite prominent and so here I am going to have a look at how I can correct this particular point so that I can become more effective in my Living Application.

What I have been finding is that I have a certain threshold of things I am able to accomplish in a day before I will start to go into stress because “I have too much to do” so its like, I have conditioned myself to only be able to handle so much in any given day where when I, by my standards, “take on too much” what happens is that I will end up triggering a “state of mind” so to speak that I go into where I end up experiencing stress in relation to what I am doing where suddenly now everything becomes stressful and I find my body/experience goes into a kind of tension and tightening up because now I am perceiving that “there is too much to do”

So the suggestion that someone made today is to investigate the point of how to apply myself where I am physically doing things quickly but in this, not accepting and allowing myself to go into that “state of mind” experience of stress or tension in relation to what I am doing.

When this suggestion was presented, I could immediately relate to it because in a way I had already seen and understood my experience from a certain perspective and could see that the ‘experience’ I was going through in relation to what I was doing was unnecessary.

So what I noticed is the following.

When I see that I have allot to do in a day or a week, I feel as though I must rush through everything in order to get everything done. I find within this “rushing through” that I actually become quite uncomfortable and anxious within myself because now instead of being here, being stable, being present as I am walking through a task, I am instead, tense and rushing. What I see happens is that my internal reality/my mind starts to go into this “rushing state” and the thoughts start running.

“I have so much to do”

“How am I going to get everything done”

“Omg, I need a rest”

“I can’t handle this”

“I have way too much to do”

“this is not practical”

“I have just got to get this done”

“I have no room for mistakes”

“I can’t breathe”

“This is stressful”

“When is this going to end”

“ I will never get this all done”

So I see that my experience is more related to my “mental state” to “what is going on within my mind” than being related to my actual physical reality, in terms of the actual physical task that I am walking and so I create an alternate reality within my mind about what I am doing and within that alternate mind reality that I am existing within and participating with I am creating and generating that stressful experience about what I am doing instead of being stable and simply being here equal and one with what I am doing because I see that the mental experience I am creating/generating/participating with is unnecessary.

Another point I see contributing to this stress and tension state that I am creating within myself in relation to getting allot done in a day is that as I am walking within my day, I will within my mind, ‘jump around’ where I will often be jumping ahead in my mind and thinking about the next task or the other tasks that I must do or could do and so when I do this, I am suddenly no more here focused on the task at hand but now I am thinking ahead and when I think ahead I see that what happens is I start to generate this anxiety experience within myself, almost like a ‘fear’ of the tasks still ahead, a fear and anticipation related to ‘what these tasks might be like’ and so here again what is generating is this form of tension and stress in my body/within myself as a result of being in my mind in relation to what I am doing, instead of being here in and as the physical equal and one.

I will continue in my next blog opening this point up and investigating a Solutions so that I assist and support myself to stop creating this anxiousness/tension/stress point within myself in relation to my life/daily living.


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