Desteni Tools of the Trade – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 494


Coming up starting tomorrow there is big gala event happening. I will be attending this with my work where we will have a booth at the gala where we will be showcasing some of our products.

I knew this was coming up but when I was made aware that this was actually happening tomorrow I was caught off guard. Suddenly I will now have quite a full schedule for the upcoming days which I was not anticipating.

It will be a cool opportunity to Sell some Artwork so that is cool. It is the ‘slow’ season right now where I work so this event will be a nice opportunity to Sell some pieces.

It has been an interesting past 6 months for me since I Joined the team at the Art Gallery where I am now working.

I have actually experienced allot of fears, doubts, and uncertainties during these past few months that I have supported myself to walk through and not give-up.

The last 2 months in particular have been different for me in terms of what I am normally used to, where the last 2 months my income has been directly linked to my Production and Sales where normally in my past jobs I am used to working on an hourly wage, and so with this new situation there is allot more risk and I have had to learn to walk within this and be able to stand stable inside myself in the face of this risk and to thus being able to function practically to ensure the flow of sales.

I can see the decision I made years ago to walk the Desteni Process has actually supported me immensely to be able to stand within and manage such a point I am now in. Mainly because I am more able to Direct myself instead of being overwhelmed by my Reactions. Within the past 6 months I have had to face allot fears and I have had to Direct myself in the face of these fears and reactions, fears and reactions that I would have had no real ability, understanding or foundation to manage at all if it had not been for my walking the Desteni Process and learning and applying the tools of


Self Writing,

Self Forgiveness,

and Self Corrective Application

over the years.

It is with these tools that I have essentially been able to support myself with to remain stable in these last months as I have faced this point of working in a Job Environment that is quite new for me. I experienced many reactions but with the tools I have had a way to actually investigate, understand and direct myself instead of just becoming overwhelmed by them . I continued to use and apply the tools I have learned about and developed throughout the years of walking the Desteni Process to stabilize myself and navigate my life. Without these tools it is like being in a boat without a paddle. So I am grateful I now have a way to support myself on a daily basis which I will continue to do.

To begin the process of learning how to apply the Desteni Tools please Visit – DIPlite


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DIP Lite – Free Online Course to get you started with learning the Tools of Self Support
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