The MOST IMPORTANT Subject is Not Taught In School – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 493

comical-sense-development-acrylci-pencil-crayon-on-paper-8-5x12in-2009 (1)

In my blog yesterday I was looking at the point of Basic Human Rights and how these rights, although known, are actually not ‘coming through’ in a measurable way where one can for instance look at the functioning of a society and say “yes, that society is operating within the parameters of basic human rights”.

What I found interesting is that Governments claim to be adhering to human rights or holding this as a guiding principle in how they function, yet if one really look at the results of government which is society, one will notice an alarming abuse of human rights, however though this has become so normalized that no one seem to notice, or alternatively would simply agree with the going mentality that “we are doing our best” But one must really ask “Are We Really Doing Our Best?” or do we just claim we are doing our best when meanwhile we have allowed Self Interest to actually be that real core that guides in our EVILution of Man, instead of this being human rights.

In writing my blog yesterday, another interesting question come up within me.

Why is Economics not taught in public school?

The Economy and understanding the principles of economics is absolutely integral to the ability of an individual to function and survive in our world. A World where MONEY has become Life. This is Fascinating really, that there could exist such an oversight.

The only logical explanation I can come up with as to why this is…

As to why it is that human beings are NOT being taught the primary system upon which the entire world system function…I mean you’d think that this would have some importance wouldn’t you? From my perspective, based on how our current system is set up, if a child learns only one thing in school, they would likely be the most capable of survival and prosperity in this system if they learn the principles of economics. Now I am not talking necessarily about deep economic theory, I am talking about the basic rules, laws, principles and relationships of economics that if understood will provide an individual with the capacity to become a functional part of the system, a system which has a fundamental function of Economics. Yet this seems to be missing as an integral part, from the normal public grade school curriculum when it absolutely ought to be front and center.

So then, my explanation is that – it must be deliberate.

I learned math in school. But this was not economics. Economics has a specific set of Vocabulary and Relationships that one do not just ‘pick-up’ as a side affect of doing mathematics.

Debt was never explained to me in school. Yet we live in a debt based economy.

I never learned about interest rates, or how banking works, or about minimum wage, or about the hierarchical pay structure of corporations and businesses, I never learned about supply and demand, I never learned how to do my taxes, ect…

Fascinating really.

So that is the point I would like to bring into awareness here. How that in school we are taught next to nothing about the Primary System upon which our World is based, where our Lives actually depend on our ability to understand and function within this such system. No matter what you decide to do with your life, Doctor, Teacher, Geologist, Public Speaker, Athlete, Banker, Bus Driver, Business Owner, Carpenter, Computer Scientist, Politician, Waiter, Fashion Designer, Pilot, ect – All of these occupations, are actually governed by one Primary System – ECONOMICS or The Money System – And yet, this is not a fundamental part of the curriculum of public school that is supposed to provide an individual with a strong foundation from which to live in this world.

So then one can even take this point back to Human Rights and how to not teach a child/individual Economics in school is actually violation of human rights, by not providing them with the means to survive in our current system. Based on the research I have done, Public school curriculum is set on both a federal and national level with the 2 groups working together to formulate the curriculum with the primary responsibility being on the federal level, so again here then one must raise the Legal Implications for such agencies and branches of government to be violating human rights in such a way. I mean to not provide the individual with the necessary education imperative for their survival and ability to function in society can also be seen as point of gross negligence which is also punishable by law.

So there is allot of changes and re-alignments which must be considered here in terms of taking ourselves from where we are now, which is existing in a society formed out of self interest, and neglect and taking us from this point and Correcting what we have allowed and reforming our entire World System Structure so that in works synonymous so that one ensure that ones education indeed provide them with the necessary tools to GUARANTEE them the ability to live, function and be an effective participant of our world who has the free choice to actually contribute to what is here in a way that exemplify Human Rights and Constitutional Equality.



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