Disregarding The Declaration of Human Rights – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 492

Today I watched a video illustrating a dimension of the welfare state in Canada, particularly in my home province of BC. The video simply showed a man who is one such recipient of welfare in Canada sharing his perspective on the effectiveness of this system to provide for him a dignified life which was expressed clearly that no such life was actually existent at all for this man living on this welfare service provided by the province.

In watching this video I started to wonder how this came to be. How an individual has ended up in this such position where ultimately there is no framework in place through the Governing Body to in fact empower or support this individual to actually live a Dignified Life.

From my perspective the role of government is to actually act as the facilitation point for the practical functioning and well-being of all citizens equally and so thus is in fact standing as that point of Responsibility to provide such Dignified Living Conditions.

So when you have an individual being deprived of basic human rights ones eye must subsequently rest on the government as the culprit for in essence failing to administer such rights which is the very purpose of its existence.

Though I do see that without a doubt one cannot simply blame the government while in washing ones hands clean as if “they as an ordinary citizen have nothing to do with such responsibilities”. I realize that ultimately we are all collectively responsible and thus the authority of our own state of life. Where the government is simply that central point within which we the people use to organize ourselves. Or rather, it is supposed to be. Over the years it has gotten out of hand where there is such a detachment and separation of the citizens from the government and politics and vise-ersa to the degree where for an ordinary citizen to concern oneself in the affairs of government is like trying to having a conversation with a group of individuals who speak a different language or even aliens from a different planet!

So there is an absolute disinterest that has emerged within the expression of the people towards its government where now all the strength we can muster these days is to place a check mark in a box on a ballot form representing our choice for whom we entrust to running our affairs meanwhile having no idea how the government functions or what it would actually take to comprise a system of organization that would be able to in fact deliver to us the basic human rights of Life.

But my point here is more related to this man I referenced in the beginning of my post. The man who is standing within a specific position in society, a specific position in the system where he in no way is having his basic human rights met while so many others are. Is this fair? Of course not. But why is this happening? How did this happen?

The problem is extensive. It can be sourced back to the Nature of Man as Self Interested at the core, and thus obviously this must be addressed within the process of reforming government to stand and act as that benevolent point which in theory is supposed  stand and act as that administration point to facilitate the functioning of society and providing for society its basic human rights and dignified living conditions.

So then my next question was – Well, how did this happen? Because if you go and look at the Constitution of Canada or the Bill of Rights, or the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it talks allot about these apparent human rights by which our Government is supposedly aligning its functional purposes…Like for instance

The right to life, liberty, and security of the person

The right to be innocent until proven guilty

freedom of speech

feedom of religion

freedom of assembly

Ect, ect…

Yes so you have these principles that you can even find in the “Universal Declaration of Human Right” but what the fuck! Because then you have an example like this man I spoke about earlier, illustrating how  life is actually like. His life as a DIRECT PRODUCT of how our governments are actually performing in Fact and Function. So then you have these Human Rights Declarations that are simply standing there as pretty words that is in no way being adhered to or having any kind of real impact on how the government or how we as humanity actually function and co-exist.

The reality of how we are actually functioning and what Principles we are actually Living is Symbolized by this man I mentioned earlier who is representing the real neglect and attitude we have towards our actual well-being of life. If the Declarations of Human Rights were actually being taken seriously and LIVED as actual guiding principles of government, there would be no war, there would be no poverty, Violence would not be the backbone of authority, there would be no starvation, there would be no animal abuse, there would not be this overall assault and abuse on the Dignity of Life.

So a change is required because right now we can see that there is massive systemic problems in the way our government/world functions. I mean this is simply representative of the systemic problems that we as society, as mankind have collectively allowed to exist.

So the direction would be to move towards a government that stand as a point of being able to facilitate the distribution of Human Rights Equally to all – I mean, after all, this is not a new idea, this is what is apparently the guiding principles of our governments already that is illustrated by/through our the various human rights charters – only obviously this is not being adhered to.

How come a Policy like the “Living Income Guaranteed” has never been Considered and implemented as a way to provide the basic human rights to all individuals on earth?

The “Living Income Guaranteed” is a policy that is based on the principle of “Doing What Is Best For ALL” and actually is structured around the point of Equality and Basic Human Rights.

The “Living Income Guarantee” is a proposal for a Guaranteed Income be provided for ALL citizens of a country/state/ ect. Our current system already has things like this but that only prove to be grossly inadequate in actually for instance “pulling someone out of poverty” So with a Guaranteed Living Income one would be guaranteed access to their basic human needs where this would be an inalienable Human Right so to provide a foundation for the creation of Dignified Living Conditions for every man women and child on earth.

For more information please visit – http://livingincome.me/
For Live Discussion on LIG Please Visit – http://www.youtube.com/user/BIGuaranteed?feature=watch
Economists Journey To Life – http://economistjourneytolife.blogspot.ca/

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