Creating a Sustainable Government – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 486

What I am realizing more and more each day is how to in fact support a change in our world. I am realizing that ultimately what we have is a ‘broken system’ meaning that for a long time I opposed the system and saw government or politics as bad, evil, corrupt, ect. But what I am more and more seeing is that these points is actually quite practical in terms of how to practically function on earth. The problem obviously is that the way the government and politics is functioning is not effective. It does not mean that the government in and as itself is the problem, but rather the functioning of that government based on the rules (legislation/laws) it follows.

Take for instance a group of individuals who believe “getting off the grid” is the best way to go. Essentially what is going to happen is that they are going to strike their own path and set up somewhere off the grid, but then they are going to start to organize the practical matters of living and so will essentially form a kind of government and politics and thus ultimately a management system of sorts to facilitate the flow of their daily lives.

So what I am realizing is that what we as humanity must do is actually “Correct the System”

There is many things in place already that actually function fine. But there is parts that do not. So its not about abandoning the entire thing but rather working with whats here and finding Solutions to Re-Align it so that it is Supportive and based on actual Democratic Principles for instance where everyone is supported and benefits by and through the how the system is set up.

I am a member of the Equal Life Foundation. A Group of Individuals who are standing up and standing together to bring about a permanent change to our world. I mean this is obvious in terms of what is required so that we as humanity can in the very least sustain our existence without destroying the planet we live on.

But further more we are a group Dedicated to actual Life and thus to support the process of moving ourselves as life as humanity from a point of survival, barely living, and destruction into a point of actual LIVING and Support which is what life is supposed to be about.

Our current world system does not actually support this. But it is not to fight or Rebel against this government. It is to find practical solutions to move forward so that we can replace Self Interest with the Interest of ALL which is what Democracy is supposed to be about.

So a crucial step in this that I see for myself is UNDERSTANDING in terms of understanding how the system actually works to the degree where one understand what one must to do to practically change the system – not through force – but through the system itself, following the current rules of the system.

At the moment Self Interest is the Core of our system and the rules, laws, legislation that form the relationships upon which determine the functioning of our system. So We at the Equal Life Foundation are a Group Investigating, Finding, and Implementing Solutions so to COREect the Foundation of our System so that it is no more based on principles of Self Interest but that is rather aligned with What is Best for ALL, With Integrity, Compassion, Care, Equality and all those things you would common sensically appreciate in the Character of an Individual.

So I just wanted to mention this point tonight. Of how its not about fighting our system, or abandoning it, but standing together and working with and as it and changing it. The System, Our Government is not the enemy.

So for all those wanting to just “get off the grid” I would suggest considering what this actually imply and rather reconsider standing to FACE and Take Responsibility for our system. I mean – Who else is going to do it. Why leave it someone else.

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