The Difference between Mental Rewards and Physical Rewards – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 485

(I wrote this in my notebook this morning and then later transcribed it for this blog – enjoy)

My body is sore this morning. It was also sore yesterday when I got up. Much of the soreness/tightness/stiffness is in my back and shoulders. I can also experience pain in my teeth/jaw. I am still worried about the tooth pain because I can’t see what is going on in there and so in this “not being able to see” I do then go into a fear based on mental pictures or a projection where I construct this image within me of a spreading infection. So I fear this infection spreading throughout my jaw into other teeth and where I would really get a bad jaw infection that I fear could cause or might cause massive or bigger problems.

So I am still ignoring this point and essentially neglecting it and hoping it will just go away instead of Directing this aspect of myself and my life in a common sense way. I see here also that I am in fear of being judged by the dentist. Here I have given a kind of ‘Authority’ to the dentist and now fear being judged or Disciplined by the dentist for not taking care of my teeth. I see within myself that I actually can be doing a much better job than I am in “taking care of my teeth” So this is a point of personal hygiene that I am not yet Supporting my human physical body with in terms of really getting to that “total body support” to really support my physical body within a full body maintenance regime.

I resist even writing about this. One point I see in relation to why I resist writing about this physical health application regime/physical tooth care, is that “there is no reward”. When I say this, what I mean is that there is no “Mind Reward”, no “Energy Reward”. And that energy reward I see is what I have programmed into and as myself as a point of stimulus and essentially a point of pursuit where my life has become oriented around receiving “energy rewards” where I have in a way become possessed with this pursuit, with this indulgence and so now am pre-occupied with this pursuit which I see and realize is directly indicative and an example of “how I have formed my relationship to my mind and mind experiences instead of “the physical” where the mind operation I have essentially programmed within the context of “energy” as emotions and feelings and stimulus where these have become the ‘Rewards’ I have placed value in where what I see here is “the physical”  in terms of “rewards” is NOT based on the “energy reality” of emotions and feelings and stimulus. I see that the physical rather has an entire different set of rewards where for instance the reward for an effective tooth care application is a well supported physical where I am not always having tooth pain. Or the fact that I can eat without worrying about pain and so I would for example no more “put off” even something like supporting my physical with proper nutrition through eating where I’ve actually resisted eating because of the pain in my teeth as a result of ineffective physical support on my teeth – And So the rewards of the physical are physical rewards. They are not related to energy/the mind. And what is interesting is that I do these physical rewards as being quite substantial in a way obviously the problem here is that we have programmed ourselves to be oriented to “Mind Rewards” to “energy” and so  the point is to actually Re-Program ourselves into an Alignment with and as the physical where we step out of the mind and seeking “mental energy rewards” and get ourselves into the physical, and moving ourselves within our physical process which is an entirely different reward system all together. One based on the physical that is not based on something like addiction which is based on an energy reward system which is why addictions can yield deteriorating physical conditions to oneself and one’s environment even though the stimulus is apparently positive. Because the “Mind Rewards” are actually disconnected from the physical. So Overall the point I see is to really align self with the Physical and stopping the entire mental reward system that has no relationship with the physical and thus end up causing and creating a world that is literally deconstructing right before our eyes without us even knowing because we are so caught up in our minds, in our “mind rewards” of energy, of feeling good, Instead of aligning ourselves to the Physical Reality and the Rewards are of the Physical like for instance a healthy planet or a healthy body. So thus to end the “quick fix” reward system of the mind and actually orient ourselves to the physical and rewards that are much more beneficial and real.


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