Conditioning The “Minimum Way” with Minimum Wage – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 484


Today I watched one of the google hangout interviews being conducted by the Living Income Guaranteed Research Group as part of an on-going series designed to spread awareness and common sense about the current conditions of our world /world system that we as humanity have created and are thus facing.

The topic today was focused on Canada’s Minimum Wage and so in this blog I am going to expand and add to todays google hang-out discussion by sharing some of my own experience and perspective as an individual growing up here in Canada

What we at the Equal Life Foundation and Desteni are proposing though and as the “Living Income Guarantee” is a Solution to our current world System. Granted, there is an extensive amount of points to correct in our current system though the “Living Income Guarantee” is a great starting point because it is based on a starting point of Developing a Total Solution that encompass all aspects of life and essentially function in a way that the Government ought to function but thus far has proven to simply not do – where it should be existing as the management system of life that function in a way to provide the sustenance of life to all equally, not to just a few elite groups at the top while the majority scrape to get by as is currently happening.

Minimum way….oops, typo….I mean Minimum Wage is a good example as evidence showing one way in which our current system is currently structured in alignment with inequality, with supporting the few while the majority struggle to survive.

The typo above is actually an interesting one because it reveals the ‘mentality’ behind minimum wage, and that is the ‘minimum way’ . I mean do you as a human being get up in the morning and say – “Boy, I am going to do the very minimum possible today…I really want to just barely survive today, so I am going to just try and do the very minimum?” Obviously not, though, I understand that this could end up beings one approach to life growing up in a system that does not give a fuck about you! Where for instance you spend ALL your time working  because the corporation (our total money system) you work for only pay you Minimal Wages, so you must work ALL THE TIME TO SURVIVE –  and so in this you develop quite a detachment and disdain for a system that treat you like a Robot and in essence use you as a battery to fuel the machine that produce wealth for a few at the top. Of course you would end up disenfranchised towards the whole thing and want to just find the “minimum way” forward because for you – There is no life – You are Slave in the system that we have all played a part in creating.

Many people blame people on welfare as being Lazy?

Many people blame those that have an inclination to “look for the easy road” or ‘coast off the system’ Not realizing or seeing the relationship between this mental dysfunction and the way working minimum wage your entire life with no other opportunities on the horizon essentially condition you into giving up and really “not giving a fuck about the system” and eventually becoming apathetic or ‘lazy’ if you want to call it that where you end up looking for the Minimum Way in Life instead of Giving it your all and having passion for Life.

I have never been able to live on Minimum Wage. As a result I searched out low qualification work where I would get paid more and normally that means doing hard labour type stuff.

But even those jobs are not for everyone. I mean “what are my options?” What happened to “Free Choice”

I never had the opportunity to chose to be a CEO because these types of positions one must essentially be trained with a very specific education that is simply not attainable to families living on Minimum Wage. Thus I never really had “free choice” then did I? And it certainly the fuck isn’t ‘free’ choice! – It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars in the best education to program a being to be able to stand in such CEO positions. Obviously there is the anomalies but I am not talking about that – I am talking about the norm.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. Labour is actually quite a cool job. I enjoy it, but I also see that I Have associated all kinds of reactions towards it based on the associations given to such jobs in the eyes of society. It also become a bit much when even in jobs like this, you are working for someone else who is working for someone else who is working for someone else and so many end up in positions where once all the money is divied up – their hard labor leaves them exhausted at the end of the day with hardly enough to pay the bills, let alone raise a family or keep a stable vehicle on the road. “Maybe a beer at the pub will cheer me up” and so you have alcohol and drugs becoming the way one cope with such a position specific in the overall functioning of our total system

And I mean even something like doing Physical Labour becomes distorted because there is still the drive for money moving the entire point and so its all about getting things done as fast as possible and on to the next project so that too has an affect on how one experience oneself within the job.

Ok so I haven’t really even yet gotten into the minimum wage point specifically in the way I planned though I wanted to illustrate here some of the dynamics at play with those who are currently existing in that minimum wage sphere and how overall the way our society is structured only exacerbates the compromising conditions one face in working low paying jobs.

Minimum Wage is one thing, but what one must also look at is the entire landscape of low wage jobs. It is not a simple answer in just saying “Ok lets raise the minimum wage”

What about Equal Education so that ALL have a fair chance to vie for those top positions in society?

Would those “top positions” even have the appeal as they do now if everyone was paid equally for their labor.

So Minimum Wage is simply one point – though we at the Equal Life Foundation Propose a Living Income Guarantee to provide everyone with a basic income to live a dignified life as a baseline to support them so they do not have to live in fear or submit to unethical working conditions because “they need the money” Obviously this will not be in the interest of those that require slaves so many may react to this message – to find out more Investigate – Living Income Guarantee and Lets Re-Structure our System in the image and likeness of Equality and Caring for ALL Life on Earth.


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