Back to Earth – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 483


Yesterday I was having a look at some Jealousy reactions I was having towards co-workers and peers in my reality. The primary point that surfaced in having a look at this point was the point of where I will go into Jealousy towards others because I myself am not being effective in my reality/application.

So the jealousy was indicating that I was not applying myself effectively within my reality and so then I try and compensate for this by ‘routeing against others’. Within this I can also see the point of if I was effectively supporting myself that I would probably be more inclined to not only stop “routeing against others”  but actually support them.

Have you ever herd the phrase  “you can’t help others until you help yourself”. Well I have herd this phrase on many occasions but yesterday and today I actually added some ‘context’ to it in terms of seeing for myself some dimensions of how this actually practically work. You know maybe this ‘saying’ should be rephrased to “You first must support yourself before you can support others” the point here is to ‘place self first’ the initial way I placed it, I was still placing ‘others first’ in terms of where Id be looking outside myself first before I looked at myself.

Here is a continuation of Self Commitments in relation to yesterdays blog.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to focus on myself and my own application from the perspective of really moving and aligning myself to HERE with and as Myself so that in doing this I assist and support myself to become actually Self Aware. This is Step 1. Simplistically, I commit myself to assist and support myself to practice being Here because this I see is an integral step in actually being able to support myself. My Willingness to be HERE, is also a Willingness to Support Myself, and so I commit myself to be HERE so that I can assist and support myself and Direct myself in my Physical Behavior in ways that are Beneficial to me/life, not Detrimental.

I commit myself to assist and support myself to Establish Self Presence so that I am here with me at all stages/moments during my day. Within this I commit myself to thus then assist and support myself with the Basic Support Tools of Breath, Self Writing, Self Forgiveness, and Self Corrective Application/behavior. I see that I have not been Living this effectively, and what happened is I ended up drifting away, getting lost, getting distracted, and ultimately accepting and allowing myself to exist more in the mind and energy and automated/pre-programmed behavior patterns instead of Here in Each Moment actually Supporting Myself to Root Myself into and as my Physical Body / The Physical and in this taking on a Supportive Standing for myself and for all.

So here I commit myself to assist and support myself to Ground Myself, to find different ways to Slow Myself Down and really Ground Myself back to Earth, and in this, assist and support myself to take back my directive principle so that I can assist and support myself to establish effective Living Patterns that are supportive for me, instead of continuing to allow myself to live out the same patterns over and over that is not supportive for me or others in any way. And so I see here it is important to “Earth Myself” and make sure that I am no more just blindly following Automatic Behavior which is easy to do when I am not grounded here but instead off in the clouds somewhere in/as my mind, And so to assist and support myself to Correct My Living Patterns I must Establish ME as the Directive Principle so that I DECIDE based on Principle how to direct myself and so thus take it one day at a time, one moment at a time assisting and supporting myself to Walk in Breath, Grounded Here in and as my Physical Body, Directing my Living Actions in ways that produce Supportive Life Patterns that actually produce a Being who does not react in Jealousy towards others when they are supporting themselves when I am not, but rather who is able to actually Support others naturally as the out-flow of the proven Self Support that must be a Self Directed Process Walked in Commitment and Consistency and that Stand the Test of Time.

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