Stretching Time – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 481

I was reading a blog entry today in creations journey to life, and a point which was brought up was the ‘slowness of time’ and how we as individuals should actually be able to effectively support ourselves to CORrect ourselves and within this essentially correct our current life status from  ‘Destructive’ to ‘Supportive’

So this point stood out to me when I read the blog. I see that I have actually been taking this point of ‘Time’ for granted and was busy stuck in blame, within the point of “I don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done” instead of realizing the actual speed that time is moving where in fact ‘time’ has nicely segmented the day into tiny parcels as moments as breaths, as seconds, as minutes, as hours, ect, so that we as humanity can support ourselves to really refine our expression and getting it really honed-in so that each breath, is directed in a way which will produce effective results

So this is the point I wanted to share tonight. It was simply that point of utilizing each day to produce a result that is best for all. Every moment accumulates and so at the end of the day one has essentially the sum total of all the moments during the day. Its like time is a structure that let one see inside a point or see inside a manifestation.

I Mean for instance anger or frustration doesn’t just come out of no where in one instant. It is created through time. So we are lucky because if we breathe and slow down we can look at every second of our day and see in what instances we are creating our anger and frustration through the process of accumulation as each moment accumulating unto the next to produce an end result as who we are as an individual. We are, after all, the sum total of all the moments of our life – so then the question is “who are we” and “how are we participating” in each moment, and are we existing in a way that produce an effective stable, benevolent human being. So that is the point I wanted to share today. It was like an insight in terms of seeing that in fact every day is really broken down for us into tiny segments…shit, we even have clocks that clearly identify for us each moment passing so we can potentially if willing look at every moment and direct every moment in a way that produce effective results.

Now if you look at war or starvation that takes place on planet earth – That is just an accumulation of many many moments strung together where we were not directing ourselves in an effective way to produce a result that is really best for humanity. So I see here the point is to start with self and start looking closely at each moment during my day, and thus ensuring that each moment my expression is aligned to have a result that is actually supportive for life. Because if it is not supportive, time will prove it to be so and thus self will become a product of how they spend their time equal and one.

I was in essence looking at this point in relation to certain patterns that I have found myself trapped within in time and time again, and so simply saw this as a reference point to support myself to stop creating these patterns, and participating in these patterns, and so thus identify each moment where and how I am participating within these such patterns and change how I move/direct/express me in the particular moment to through doing this with consistency can change the patterns starting with identifying the moments of the pattern.


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